Louis CK Trying To Buy A House


Louis CK Trying To Buy A House

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[Louis CK Trying To Buy A House]


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[Louis C. K.:] How is it going?

How are you my man?

[Louis C. K.:] How are you? Good to see you, Ken.

You don’t stop by here too often. What’s up?

[Louis C. K.:] Just checking in.


[Louis C. K.:] Uh… I got some theatre gigs this month coming up, so some good money rolling in.

Great, great so what are you trying to buy?

[Louis C. K.:] What do you mean?

Whenever you tell me, I have good money coming in, it’s because you want to buy something.

[Louis C. K.:] Yeah, I know.

What is it?

[Louis C. K.:] Well, okay. My girls and I are – we’re still living in the same place since when I was married.


[Louis C. K.:] Source: LYBIO.net
And I just, I think, we need a fresh start.

Okay. So you want to move out?

[Louis C. K.:] Yeah, it’s time man.

Good, good, so have you started looking?

[Louis C. K.:] So I found a place.

Great. To rent?

[Louis C. K.:] Yeah and it’s to buy.


[Louis C. K.:] I know.

We talked about this you can’t afford to buy anything, right now you’re still paying support.

[Louis C. K.:] I know, I just – this place is perfect and I know my girls would be really happy there.

Look, I’m your accountant, and I can only tell you what you can afford. And I think that you will have a very hard time finding credit right now.

[Louis C. K.:] Dude.

Okay. How much is it?

[Louis C. K.:] It’s a lot.

How much it’s?

[Louis C. K.:] For – what is it, it’s really cheap.


[Louis C. K.:] Like I couldn’t believe when the lady told me how much it was, I was blown away.

How much?

[Louis C. K.:] How little it is, but it’s a lot though. I acknowledge that?

Louis how much?

[Louis C. K.:] Source: LYBIO.net
Okay, it’s 17 million – $17 million. So I know its lot.

Louie, do I really need to say anything, I mean…

[Louis C. K.:] Well I had a good year, you know, and I just – when do I get this step up, you know. I just feel like come on man.

Do I – do I really need to explain to you? You can’t buy the $17 million house.

[Louis C. K.:] Just thought if may be, if I really bear down and I don’t spend like – you know, I won’t spend a lot of this stuff.

Okay. Alright just, look.

[Louis C. K.:] Just change, I can, I think I can change.

Let’s – let’s take a look at the numbers.

[Louis C. K.:] Okay. Totally, yes, yes.

Okay, so it’s $17 million.

[Louis C. K.:] Uh huh.

So you have to put down $3.4 million. You have to put that down now in cash. And then your monthly payments are going to be $77,000 plus maintenance and tax, so basically $80,000 a month, plus a $3.4 million that you are going to plunk down right now. Okay.

[Louis C. K.:] Uh huh.

Okay. So now let’s compare that to your current assets. Alright, currently in savings, you have um… $7,000.

[Louis C. K.:] $7,000?

Yeah. So um… you have less than ten times less than one mortgage payment on this house.

[Louis C. K.:] Well let me – okay.

Look, Louie you’re going to have to…

[Louis C. K.:] If – if I cause – we haven’t even – I mean, if I was able to get them to come down. I’m just saying what could I afford right now? Like what could I buy a house for right now?

Buy a house, right now?

[Louis C. K.:] Yeah.

Well, I mean right now you could buy a house that costs $7,000. You know. You should find a nice rental.

[Louis C. K.:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Well isn’t there…what about…what about Obama?

What – what about it? I mean…

Louis CK Trying To Buy A House

Louis CK Trying To Buy A House

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