Live TV Water Rescue Houston Flood 2016


Live TV Water Rescue Houston Flood 2016

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[Live TV Water Rescue Houston Flood 2016]

Copy that. Why are you doing that? Why are you doing that? God damn… Oh my God. What do we would do? Like, I – I don’t want to.

Well, he needs to get on top of his car and jump to the thing, just like that other guy did. Well, there is a guy that just drove in.


I can hear him.

We can hear him.

Tell him to get out. Just yell, go tell him.

Dude, you got to get out of the car. You got to get out!

What should I do?



Swim. Swim.

I don’t know what to do?

Leave the car – swim.

Stay in the car.

Leave the car, swim. Come here sir, sir. Come here.

Thank you.

Yeah, so we are here.

I don’t see it.

Yes. Hey, we can hear you. Are you okay sir?

I am okay.

You’re okay.

Yeah, I’m okay.

You just – Watch your step, sir.

We get out of here. Watch your step. Did you – did you just not think the water was that deep.

Yeah, I don’t think the water was that deep. My car is under.

Your car – you got to leave the car. I’m just glad you’re okay.

Yeah, I am too.

Walk this way. Yeah, Tom, we can hear you. We’re here on Studemont Street. You can see this [gentleman].

Hey, Tom, yes. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

We are on Studemont Street. Where this is the latest rescue.

We witnessed here live. In fact, there were actually two cars here on Studemont Street, submerged underneath here. Earlier, I actually witnessed a man drive into the water from that angle and he didn’t see that the water was so deep. He actually had to jump through his sunroof and actually climb over on the side before he made it out. So you can see these are dangerous conditions, what we’ve been talking about how the road is right now. I’m just going to catch my breath. Again, let’s show you the water right here.

There is actually two cars submerged under this water right now. This gentleman who just went in the water, you can see that his car completely submerged. The testament to how quickly things are changing out here and a testament also to the fact that this water is whole lot deeper than people realize. You just heard that…

Live TV Water Rescue Houston Flood 2016

Live TV Water Rescue Houston Flood 2016

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