Lisa Schwartz My Feelings About Shane Being Bisexual


Lisa Schwartz My Feelings About Shane Being Bisexual

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[Lisa Schwartz My Feelings About Shane Being Bisexual]

[Shane Dawson – I’m Bisexual]

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Hey what’s up you guys. It’s me Lisa Schwartz and woo-hoo! youch! I never thought I would be making this video but here I am and I have been thinking about lot and I knew that if I don’t make the video that from here on out every comments it’s going to be about the situation and I can’t move on with my life. If that’s the case and you can’t move on, with your life and your viewing pleasure if that’s the case. So I think its really important for me to do this and it’s awkward and its scaring, its weird and I never thought I would be that person. But here I am, to explain to you how I feel about this week’s events and how I feel about this break-up and how I feel in general.

Obviously I would be completely lying if I didn’t say this is really, really hard for me. And I’m hurting a lot and I’m hurting for me, I’m hurting for Shane, and I’m hurting for you guys, I’m hurting for my family, I’m hurting for my friends and I’m just – I’m just really hurting. But with all that hurt, comes a lot of joy. And that sounds silly like I mean – from someone who is crying, but there is a lot of joy that comes with this.

I feel a lot of joy for Shane, because for years I watched him suffer and for years I hurt for him. And at the time, I didn’t know why he was suffering. Sometimes I thought it was – because of me, sometimes I thought because of work, his family, his body image. But I knew he was suffering and it was awful to watch someone you love suffer. So I feel so much of joy that that weight has been lifted off his shoulders and then he is given a chance at life and then chance at happiness and then chance at self love, something that I always tried to give him but I couldn’t do it for him. So I feel a lot of joy for him.

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And I feel a lot of joy for all of you guys and anyone who is touched by this story. Because I know a lot of you don’t have role models or people out there that can help you. And if just one person was inspired to be there authentic self, and to feel what they’re really feeling because of the bravery that Shane showed this week. And I feel really a lot of joy for you.

And I feel a lot of joy for myself. Because I was able to help, give him this opportunity to be myself but also know that I’m able to help myself and give myself and my best chance of being free, of being – of having the ability to find someone who is able to love me fully.

And to live for myself because I lived a lot of my life for Shane and I don’t regret a moment of it. Because he is and was my heart and soul and I would do it all again in a heart beat. I would do anything for him, but it’s time for me to take care of me and I think maybe that’s important lesson for all of you that you can’t live for someone else. That you have to live for yourself and take care of yourself and that doesn’t make you selfish and that doesn’t make you a bad person that makes you human and that produces self love.

So I feel a lot of joy that both Shane and I are about to enter on this journey of self love and maybe down the line, true love and um… I feel a lot of joy in that. And I think after this week goes by and I am able to process fully and after I put this video up. It’s going to be like a whole new life. So just answer few questions that I see constantly in the comment section.

Yes, Shane and I broke up. Yes, that’s hard to say aloud because Shane – was a huge part of my life.

And yes, we’re still friends and yes we’re still best friends.

Yes, we’re still family.

Corny is going to be standing with me I appreciate all of you guys for asking about Corny, your concerns. Certainly [are] charming my dog Corny will be staying with me but she visits Shane and he will come and visit.

Yes, I’m still going to be making videos and I would be lying to you if I didn’t have a moment on Tuesday. When all I wanted to do is close my account and just like run for the hills.

But that wouldn’t good for me and that wouldn’t be a good lesson for you.

If you’re on my channel because you just want to see videos of Shane I totally respect that and I totally understand, because I just wanted to see videos of me and Shane.

Because that was really fun. But um… that’s not what this is going to be anymore and sure, I’m sure he will make an appearance down the line and it will be fun silly but it’s going to be different. Because it’s going to be a new me and hopefully the videos will reflect that and will inspire you; especially women out there, who are trying to be strong and independent and do things for themselves. That’s what this is going to become and some sick weird comedy, twist of a way. So yes, so I’m going to make videos and if you’re just here for Shane I love you so dearly.

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But head over to his channel, because I’m sure he could use more love.

And will Shane and I ever get back together?

A very smart man, named Justin Bieber I think said Never Say Never, or was like Katy Perry, I don’t know.

You can never say never because

Shane and I have declared that we’re soul mates and best friends. And we’ve made that very clear to each other, so I guess it would be foolish to say never.

But right now, no.

I’m going to be living my Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex In The City, Carrie life and I need to do that. But Shane will always be and I don’t want you to have a skewed opinion with love. Because my parents divorced and it kind of screwed me up for a while as far as what I thought love was.

And I know that you guys imagined me and Shane’s relationship as this ‘perfect, beautiful thing’. And you know what, it was, and its still there as fucked up as it was. And as fucked up as it is. It was perfectly imperfect and I want to you still know that and believe in that; and reach for that. And if and when that fails, there is always something else around the corner.

So I’m really looking forward to that and uh… just trust that him and I going to be okay together and separately.

So I guess lastly people have been saying – really nice things to me on the internet which is shocking for the internet. And things that like I don’t feel comfortable with. Saying I’m an angel, or I’m a hero.

What I want to say to that is – I’m not a hero. I’m just a girl who loved a boy, who didn’t love himself. So I had to let him go and I would do it again in a heartbeat cause I love you Shane and I just want the best life for you.

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So as Ingrid said in a very inspiring video; here is to best chances.

So Shane here is your best chance, to all of you to your best chance. And to me, to my best chance at self love and real, true, deep everlasting love.

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I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching and I still think you’re also very cute and stay tuned till next week, there is going to be a shitload of fun videos that are going to make you laugh, and make you will be like; damn that girl is fucked up. I won’t have any other way. Thanks for listening.

Lisa Schwartz My Feelings About Shane Being Bisexual

Lisa Schwartz My Feelings About Shane Being Bisexual

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