Lil Dicky The Big Talk Trojan Condoms


Lil Dicky The Big Talk Trojan Condoms

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[Lil Dicky The Big Talk Trojan Condoms]


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Hey, I’m Lil Dicky, I rap, I’m also a normal guy just like you or a girl, normal guy or just a normal human.


David Andrew Burd: Let’s try that again. I’m here to talk to you guys today about condom usage.

My name is Dave I’m not a doctor by any means. I’m actually a rapper, called by the stage name Lil Dicky. And that kind of makes me uniquely qualified when I say that, I mean being a rapper, not, Lil Dicky, even though it is pineal.

The rapper thing makes me uniquely qualified to have these conversations from like a pretty educated point of view, because I have sexual opportunities thrown at my feet regularly at this point.

I know it’s obnoxious to hear, that’s kind of hurt a lot of men around the world, you know, that don’t have these opportunities. But let me tell you it’s not even enjoyable, because it’s super stressful.

And I’m just think we need to talk about why.

The other day, I was out at a bar with my friends, one of them name is Jordan. Jordan disappeared for a little while, he comes back to our table, you guys guess what I just did, I said what? He said I had sex with a girl in the bathroom.

I don’t how charming, you have to be to pull something like that off – it’s ridiculous. And then I had so many questions obviously all about positioning like I envisioned doggy style because – [missionary] – You can’t like – like envisioning someone like on the bowl of the toilet is weird.

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And then I finally got into the detail of did you use a condom? He said no.

Okay, Jordan, let’s talk about the next day, let’s talk about the potential consequences of that. You got up in there raw sex, texting your friends about it. Ejaculating inside of her, fully satisfied, hope you’re satisfied. How does it feel like to go to work tomorrow with HIV?

First off, one in five of us has genital herpes. I know you’ve heard that stat; you could ignore it. You can act like it doesn’t matter. But it’s a real stat. 90% of that 20% has no idea they even have it. Before you have sex every time you’ve got to explain to the girl, by the way you should know that I have genital herpes. You have that option of sharing that information or you can be complete sociopath and withhold it and not tell them and just have you sex. But I don’t even want to talk to those people, I’m not even going to address them because they’re monsters and… it’s also illegal. And you should – we’re going to catch you.

There’s pregnancy. Pregnancy is such a burden, there are married people that that if had a – all of a sudden spontaneous pregnancy they would be freaking out, let alone Jordan in the goddamn bathroom stall, he’s not – he’s having sex in the bathroom with a stranger, you think you can raise a child right now? No. And you certainly can’t afford it. I don’t mean to talk about Jordan’s financial situation, he’s uh… actually, I think he’s doing solidly but I know that he’s a 27 year old who can’t afford a child right now. His apartment is not that sick. How can it possibly be worth the risk?

Condom sex is still cool, like it still feels good, you’re so like fucking. You know. Trojan, will always talk about the pleasure of protection, I think that’s their slogan or something. And I assume they’re talking about like ultra thin condoms or like the way the ribs feel or something, something that adds an actual physical pleasure. The way I interpret the ‘pleasure of protection’ is peace of mind. If I was in the middle of sex with no condom, I couldn’t enjoy it. All I would be thinking about is what massive, life-hurdling disease am I contracting right now? Not, like, ‘Oh my god, this vagina is so wet and slick.’

They’re making more and more advances every year like this is called TROJAN Groove. So Jordan, you put the condom on, it’s still feels good, it’s got like twice the staying power in terms of lubrication, extra lube in the grooves. You’re already in the bathroom disposing this condom is going to be the easiest thing in the world, just take it off from your penis and put it in the toilet and flesh it, which I know is certainly not advised like in a household toilet, because it can cause issues. But if you’re in a club bathroom, it’s already disgusting. I’m all for I guess taking risks, even though I’m really not like I hate bungee jumping and stuff like that and even roller coasters, I don’t do.

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But I’m for – I get it – you got one life, you got to live it up, have sex, be young. Have sex in the bathroom that sounds awesome. Just wear a condom, preferably Trojan. But any condom would work, it’s the Trojan. It’s so cool to be like that guy who is like the face of a condom.

the pleasure of protection

Lil Dicky The Big Talk Trojan Condoms

Lil Dicky The Big Talk Trojan Condoms

TROJAN™ Brand Condoms

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