Leaping Lions Mega Cat Toy


Leaping Lions Mega Cat Toy

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[Leaping Lions Mega Cat Toy]

[Beth Foster (Lead Keeper Oregon Zoo):] Source: LYBIO.net
I am Beth Foster. I am the lead keeper here at the Predators area in the Africa section and we are here at the Oregon Zoo at a place that most people don’t get to see, up on the roof of the Predators exhibit.

We have six lions right now, it’s really important for us to keep them mentally and physically fit.

One of my biggest challenges is finding toys that can be durable. This is just a gigantic rope of butcher paper. We call it the leaping lion toy.

They love it, they love it.

They are really inquisitive and they have those instincts to pounce.

We wanted to model it after one of those basic dangly teaser toys that you might buy at the pet stores.

When they get part of it, it rips off the toy and then they proceed to shred it to pieces.

In the wild the lions use their powerful back legs to leap onto their prey at the very last minute to take them down.

Conflict with humans is the main threat to lions right now.

Poachers, illegal hunting and then farmers killing the lions because the lions come in and eat their livestock.

The Oregon Zoo is partnered up with Living with Lions and that’s an organization in Africa, working with local communities to reduce the human-lion conflicts that go on there.

Source: LYBIO.net

Leaping Lions Mega Cat Toy

Leaping Lions Mega Cat Toy

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