Larry Sinclair’s Detailed Allegations Of Drug Use And Homosexual Sex With Senator Obama


Barack Obama – Larry Sinclair Press Conference – Larry Sinclair’s Detailed Allegations Of Drug Use And Homosexual Sex With Senator Obama

The Accurate Source To Find Quotes To Barack Obama – Larry Sinclair Press Conference – Larry Sinclair’s Detailed Allegations Of Drug Use And Homosexual Sex With Senator Obama.”

[Barack Obama – Larry Sinclair Press Conference – Larry Sinclair’s Detailed Allegations Of Drug Use And Homosexual Sex With Senator Obama]

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Good afternoon, my name is Montgomery Blair Sibley, I am the attorney for Larry Sinclair and I just wanna give you an overview of how we are going to proceed this afternoon, first the National Press Club rents space. The do not condone or endorse the views of the people who rent the space and we’ve been overwhelmed by people criticizing the National Press Club and we just wanna make it clear, Larry is here cause he rented this room and as a result he’s allowed to get up and say what he wants to say. The National Press Club has nothing to do with that. Mr. Sinclair is going to make a brief statement, you will be provided with copies of that statement once he’s done. And after that statement he’ll entertain any reasonable questions and try to answer them. The procedure for doing that will be this microphone because we’re being recorded and we wanna make sure your questions are recorded so we get a full question and answer for the video that’s being made today. I will come around the room, I will not give you the microphone but I’ll hold the microphone so you can ask your questions and ah at the end of the statements, at the end of the questions Larry will be leaving the room. Ah with that said, Mr. Sinclair the microphone is yours.

[Larry Sinclair] Source:
Good afternoon first thing I’d like to thank a very personal thank you to reverend pastor James David Manning for showing up for your support, thank you so much for being here. It means a great deal.

Good afternoon, my name is Larry Sinclair and I am a former recreational drug user and trafficker, and I’m a convicted felon for crimes of forgery, bad checks and theft by check. But I’m also an American who loves this country and I cannot stay silent regarding Barack Obama knowing what I know.

Today I will discharge my obligation as a citizen to witness this knowledge to you and raise questions for others to investigate and consider. I am going to briefly describe my background and experiences with Senator Obama in 1999, what appears to me to be a coordinated effort to discredit me and finally a list of questions. After this brief statement, I will take and try to answer any reasonable questions.

Please understand that I will respect your questions and try to answer them, I will not be disrespected, nor will you.

My Background:

I am 46 years old and I currently reside in Duluth, Minnesota. I am a US Citizen, and I have made mistakes in my lifetime. I have been convicted and served prison sentences for writing bad checks, forging checks, using stolen credit card numbers in Arizona, Florida and Colorado. These event’s occurred over twenty years ago between 1980 thru 1986.

After going public on the internet with these claims against Senator Obama earlier this year, I became aware of a warrant out of Florida dated from 1986 which I have resolved and it has now been dismissed. I also have an active Colorado Only warrant for alleged Theft and Forgery. I am not ignoring this warrant but am addressing it with the Court in Colorado as well as with the District Attorney’s office. I have a pending motion to dismiss this warrant which I am waiting to have calendared by the Colorado Court.

I have lived and worked under three different names. My birth name is Lawrence W. Sinclair. Later on, I had my name legally changed first to La-Rye A. Silvas, and then latter La-Rye Vizcarra Avila. The last two were legal name changes granted by the court in Penal County Superior Court, Florence Arizona. I legally returned to my birth name in the Fremont County District court, Canon City, Colorado in the year of 1997.
In regards to the Obama Incident. Source:

I flew out of Colorado Springs, Colorado to Chicago on November 2, 1999, arriving in O’Hare early in the morning of November 3, 1999. I went to the Chicago area to attend the graduation of my god son (my best friend’s son) from basic training from the Great Lakes Navy Training Facility. I made reservations at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Gurnee, IL based on location to the Navy Training center.

On November 5, 1999, I hired the services of Five Star Limo. (excuse me)

I had hired them for both November 5 and November 6. On November 6, of 1999, I asked the limo driver “ whose name I now reveal for the first time “ Jagir Paramjit Multani, if he knew anyone who would like to socialize and show me Chicago.

One note, there is a typo in the statement that you’ll get at the end of this statement, we will put an updated and corrected version on our website, that you will be also given access to:
as far as the name is concerned.

Mr. Multani understood that I was not looking for someone who knew Chicago and would enjoy socializing. Mister Multani said he knew someone who was a friend of his.

On November 6, 1999 after picking me up at the Hotel in Gurnee“ and this is significant “ Mr. Multani used his cellphone to make a call. That call was made to then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama to set up an introduction between me and Senator Obama.

Upon arriving at the bar and exiting the Limo, Senator Obama was standing next to Mr. Multani and I was introduced to Senator Obama. Later that evening at a bar which I believe was called Alibis, and I state believe which I failed so far to get Citi Group to provide the credit card receipts which has the actual name.

I mention I could use a line or two to wake up. Senator Obama asked me if I was referring to coke and I stated I was, Obama stating I was, Obama states he could purchase cocaine for me and then made a telephone call “ and this too is significant ” from his cellphone to a presently unknown individual during which Senator Obama arranged the cocaine purchase.

Senator Obama and I then departed the bar in my limousine and proceeded to an unknown location where Senator Obama exited the limousine with two hundred fifty dollars and exited the limosine which was provided to him by me. Returned a short while later with an eightball of cocaine which he gave to me. I did ingest a couple of lines of cocaine, and shortly thereafter Senator Obama produced a glass cylinder pipe and packet of crack cocaine from his pocket and then Obama smoked the crack cocaine. I performed fellatio on Senator Obama in the limousine during the time Senator Obama was smoking crack cocaine, after which I had the driver take me to the my hotel, The Comfort Suites, Gurnee, Illinois.

The following day, November 7, 1999, Senator Obama appeared at my hotel room, ununounced, uninvited where we again ingested cocaine and I again performed fellatio on Senator Obama.

Significantly, both the driver’s telephone call to Senator Obama and his call to the drug dealer should appear on the driver’s and Senator Obama’s cellphone billing statements. In the Fall of 2007. In September 2007 I contacted the Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama, to request solely that Senator Obama publicly correct his stated drug use record to (excuse me) to reflect his use of crack cocaine with me in November 1999.

When I made that first contact I left with the Presidential Campaign of Senator Barack Obama a telephone number for the campaign to return my call. The first number I provided was a Texas cell phone number. From the period of Labor day weekend 2007 through November 18, 2007 I did provide a total of four different call back numbers to the Obama campaign, as I had moved and had changed the numbers to reflect locally my place of residence at the time. In late September to early October (excuse me, I lost my place here)
In late September to early October 2007, I received a call from a male who identified himself as a Mr. Young stating he was calling in regards to calls I had made to the Obama campaign. This first call was in fact an attempt by Mr. Young to obtain from me the identities of anyone I had contacted concerning my 1999 allegations against Senator Obama. Source:

This first called shocked me in that this Mr. Young asked me why I had (excuse me) why I had never mentioned to the camp – shocke me – whooooo – hold on so – I’m lost here.

Thanks – I can’t even say it.

This first call was in fact an attempt by Mr. Young to obtain from me the identities of anyone I had contacted concerning my 1999 allegations against Senator Obama.

The first call shocked as Mr. Young asked me why I had not asked Senator Obama to disclose this sexual encounters I had with Mr. Obama in 1999.

I was shocked as I had never mentioned to the campaign or anyone working for the campaign any sexual encounters as my call was prompted by drug allegations only. The call ended with Mr. Young stating I would hear from someone in a few days.

[Barack Obama – Larry Sinclair Press Conference – Larry Sinclair’s Detailed Allegations Of Drug Use And Homosexual Sex With Senator Obama]

In mid to late October 2007, I received a second call from this Mr. Young at which time I clearly became aware that this individual was personally involved with Senator Obama rather than just an employee of his campaign. The tone of the conversation had a sexual nature. Mr. Young did not once advise me how he obtained my phone number which by this time had now changed to a Delaware number.

In late October 2007, I received a text message from the gentleman identified as Mr. Young in which he stated he was intimately involved with Senator Obama and that Obama was discussing with him and his pastor how to publicly acknowledge Senator Obama’s drug use in 1999 and that Obama wanted to be sure I had not discussed the sexual encounters or drug incidents with any media at that time.

In mid to late November 2007, in another text message from Mr. Young , he advised me that Senator Obama will publicly correct his statement as to he last time he used drugs and I did not need to concern myself with publicly disclosing it myself. The last contact I had with Mr. Young was in early December 2007 when he made it clear to me that Senator Obama had no intentions of publicly acknowledging his 1999 use of crack cocaine and that Mr. Young was in fact doing nothing more than milking information from me for Senator Obama’s use.

I later learned that a Donald Young,the choir director of Reverend Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ “ Obama’s now-former church ” and was openly a homosexual. I also learned that he was murdered on December 23, 2007.

I have cooperated with the Chicago Police Department in this matter by providing them the telephone numbers I was using during the fall of 2007 and I release them now publicly in the hope that someone may be able to connect the dots between these telephone numbers and Mr. Young. Those numbers are: 954-758-

(actually that should be 956 – that’s another type o)

956-758-1105; 956-758-1885; 956-758-8002; 302-685-7175; 612-466-1043.

In what I now realize was a naive and un-counseled decision, I posted in January 2008 a video on where I related the above information regarding my liaisons with Senator Obama in 1999.

The response was overwhelming and I quickly became the recipient of what in hindsight appears to have been a coordinated attack on my character with ever increasing falsehoods circulating on the internet.

In response I agreed to take a polygraph test sponsored by The results of that test have been partially revealed to the end – to the end of labeling me a liar and taken as gospel by all.

I would like to make the following comments about that polygraph test. First, I have been subsequently advised that was a website dedicated to anti-Clinton pornography until earlier this year. In fact till 2000, until January 2008 to be exact.
Second, I have now come to understand that lie detectors are junk science at best which is why courts of law refuse to use them.

Third, a review of the results by George W. Maschke, Ph.D. of raises serious questions about the legitimacy of this particular examination. Indeed, overlooked by almost everyone is that’s own examiner, Dr. Gordon Barland, Salt Lake City Utah – observed that on the drug question regarding Senator Obama that the computerized score found that there was less than a 1% probability of deception by me. That’s about as high a passing score as one can possibly attain.

Finally, in February 2008 I was told anonymously that Dan Parisi of received $750,000 from the Obama campaign through David Axelrod’s AKR Media and Message One or Message and Media – I think,to organize an effort to publically discredit me. When I confronted Dan Parisi with this allegation, he did not deny it but instead withdrew the second exonerating polygraph report of Dr. Gordon Barland, failed to post the video of my polygraph as he and promised they would do, and even removed posts from their web site altogether, claiming that they had had enough of the attacks by Sinclair’s supporters and Sinclair himself. Quote, unquote.

The polygraph results – as misrepresented “ were immediately seized upon by the blogger community and I became the subject of vicious lies about me. I was forced to file a lawsuit in an attempt to stop those lies about me that have been circulating. That lawsuit sought to obtain the proof of what I was saying about my contact with Senator Obama through subpoenas for the identities of the anonymous bloggers so they could be linked to the Obama campaign and relevant records of the cellphone companies to prove the truth of my allegations. To date, though the lawsuit is now over ninety days old, Judge Kennedy has refused to permit the suit to move forward so this evidence may be obtained. In Conclusion, in sum, you can discredit my story and then make your decision on who should be the next President of the United States.

The burden is now off me as I have told my story without the distortions that have been intentionally heaped – that been intentionally heaped on me in what my lawyer tells me is an ad hominem attack “ shoot the messenger so you don’t have to hear the message he is bringing.

I am now done. It is for others to find the corroborating evidence of my story by locating the limousine driver “ Multani “ and the telephone numbers related to Donald Young and/or Senator Obama. I leave you with these questions that I have asked of Senator Obama but which he “ who wants to be the next President of the United States “ has refused to answer:

1. Why won’t Senator Obama provide his cellphone numbers and telephone records for all his personal and official cell phones held by him for the time period of no more for November 3rd, thru November 8th, of 1999, when we met?

2. Why won’t Senator Obama provide his cellphone numbers and telephone records for all his personal and official cell phones held by Senator Obama for September 2007 through December 23, 2008, the murder of Donald Young?

3. Why won’t Senator Obama provide all email communication both personal and campaign related to and/or from AKP Media & Message from January 18th, 2008 through February 29, 2008 for Senator Obama, David Axelrod and David Plouffe?

4th. Why won’t Senator Obama provide proof of all payments made from AKP Media, Obama for America, David Axelrod, David Plouffe, and Senator Obama’s accounts for the period of January 18th, 2008 through February 29th, 2008?

On my website “ “ you will find the documents that I have referred to in this statement. A copy of the home page for that website is attached. And he’s – Marks gonna be passing them out –

Thank you for your time and attention this afternoon and I will now take any questions.

[Montgomery Blair Sibley] Source:
Who’s got a question:

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Obamas Ex-Boyfriend Blows Whistle

Barack Obama – Larry Sinclair Press Conference. Obama smoked the crack cocaine. I performed fellatio on Senator Obama in the limousine during the time Senator Obama was smoking crack cocaine. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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