Laina New Year Song


Laina New Year Song

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[Laina New Year Song]

[Laina Morris (born June 22, 1991) Overly Attached Girlfriend]

Another year has come and gone, it’s almost 2016.
So let’s sit down and make a list of promises we’ll never keep.
I am going to exercise and I’ll eat healthy too.
But then next week around this time I’ll probably eat fast-food.
And all my free time I ever get will be spent trying something new.
But if, I’m being realistic I doubt, I’ll see that through.
I’ll travel far away, my pay my debts, I’ll never tell all lie.
I’ll make new friends everywhere I go or I’ll sit on my couch and cry.

2016, you are my year I can feel it in my soul, but honestly not voting for Trump is my one and only goal.

So here’s to you and yours this year may all your dreams come true.
And if they don’t ‘cause they probably won’t, I raise my glass to you.

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Laina New Year Song

Laina New Year Song

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