Kurt Cobain Stoned Interview


Kurt Cobain Stoned Interview

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[Kurt Cobain Stoned Interview]

[Dave Grohl:] Source: LYBIO.net
I’m Dave and I play drums.

[Kurt Cobain:] I’m Kurt and I play guitar and I sing.

[Krist Novoselic:] And I’m Krist and I play bass guitar.

[Kurt Cobain:] Source: LYBIO.net
We don’t know where we’re at…

[Hard N Heavy:] You’re in the Hard N Heavy office.

[Kurt Cobain:] Okay.

[Krist Novoselic:] The song’s about lazy teenagers and apathy. Or, just, nobody cares about anything anymore. So…

[Hard N Heavy:] You think that’s true?

[Krist Novoselic:] Yeah! Nobody cares!

[Kurt Cobain:] It’s pretty obvious…

[Krist Novoselic:] You know, more people smoke marijuana in the United States than voted for George Bush! Think about it!

[Dave Grohl:] It’s that feeling of getting on-stage and playing to the people! You know, really…

[Kurt Cobain:] Kind of like the Bette Midler and “The Rose” vibe…

Dave Grohl Stoned Interview

Dave Grohl Stoned Interview

[Dave Grohl:] Yeah…

[Kurt Cobain:] You know how you can just relate with the audience…

[Dave Grohl:] You connect! There’s definitely this spiritual… thing!

[Kurt Cobain:] Like, see, energy comes out of the outlets into our amplifiers…

[Dave Grohl:] And we feed off…

[Kurt Cobain:] The energy comes out of us and it goes into the audience and they bounce it back and we just play catch with some vibes…

[Dave Grohl:] Energy, vibes

[Krist Novoselic:] Wow!

[Krist Novoselic:] Growing up in Aberdeen, Washington, there was a lot of logs!

[Kurt Cobain:] And trees…

[Krist Novoselic:] And a lot of trees…

[Kurt Cobain:] Well, the trees came before logs, right?

[Krist Novoselic:] And a lot of trees are getting cut down, and there’s a lot of people whose lives revolved around trees getting cut down… and now that the trees are all gone, they want to go after the last trees, and so there’s some angry people there.

[Krist Novoselic:] Source: LYBIO.net
We haven’t worked for 2 years! Ha ha! And I encourage anybody not to work!

[Dave Grohl:] Working can wait…

[Krist Novoselic:] I say “Slack off!” because you’re only gonna be alive for 70 years if you’re lucky, right?

[Kurt Cobain:] Working can wait… [slow speaking:] Working can wait…

[Krist Novoselic:] And we just contribute to this sick, materialistic society. So slack off, big deal, you know… have fun!

[Dave Grohl:] Smoke pot…

[Krist Novoselic:] Smoke pot! Drink Beer… booze. Inhale…

[Dave Grohl:] Get each other pregnant!

Krist Novoselic Stoned Interview

Krist Novoselic Stoned Interview

[Krist Novoselic:] Yeah! No… don’t get pregnant!

Kurt Cobain Stoned

Kurt Cobain Stoned

[Kurt Cobain:] Yeah, reproduce!

[Krist Novoselic:] Source: LYBIO.net
Don’t reproduce!

[Hard N Heavy:] What would be a good scheme? For the kids out there taking your advice, give ’em a hand on a good scam…

[Krist Novoselic:] Sell food stamps!

[Dave Grohl:] Bust into a car and get a radio… pawn it!

[Kurt Cobain:] Learn to play pool real well!

[Dave Grohl:] Yeah, learn to play pool… hustle on the street… learn to play cards… peddle the ass that god gave you! Buy nitrous!

[Krist Novoselic:] People standing on escalators!

(Oh god.)

[Krist Novoselic:] And that is a testimony to human laziness! I mean, the guy who invented the escalator is just probably kicking himself in the ass…

[Kurt Cobain:] You’re supposed to stand to the side, the right side, so that people can walk up on the left side.

[Krist Novoselic:] You think that guy made the escalator so that people… and they’re made, like, stairs, so that people could just stand on it and go up and down? You’re supposed to walk on them so you get there faster! You know? And then people stand on there! So, every time I’m on an escalator, I’m just like, “Excuse me! Pardon me! Excuse Me! Pardon Me!”, you know?! That’s my pet peeve, right there!


[Krist Novoselic:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
And I’m gonna do something about it! And I’m urging you to do something about it! Write to your Congressmen, get a group together, get together, and I think we could do something about this!

Kurt Cobain Stoned Interview

Kurt Cobain Stoned Interview

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