Kroll Show – Spotted Ox Hostel


Kroll Show – Spotted Ox Hostel

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[Kroll Show – Spotted Ox Hostel]

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You want to know everything you want to know about coming to Europe, well, watch this video from the Spotted Ox Hostel, the coolest hostel in all the countries of Europe.

For Breakfast, we will do something cool like have a cigarette and then like a bar of chocolate and then we go for work, for like one half hour, two half hour. And then we go for lunch and lunch is usually you know something cool like a cigarette and like two, three bottle red wine and then like a bowl of heavy cream.

And then dinner you know we will do something healthy like four, five sausages and then like a chocolate cigarette and then we’ll invite our cigarette outside to take an espresso and watch the streetlight and we so much can eat as much as we want and we never get heavy because of olive oil, so that’s what we say.

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