Koenigsegg Regera Autoskin


Koenigsegg Regera Autoskin

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[Koenigsegg Regera Autoskin]

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The idea of the Koenigsegg Autoskin function came about when we were developing the hydraulic systems for the rear wing, the ride height control, and the lifting system for the front end of the car.

As we already had hydraulic pumps, reservoirs and a hydraulic and electronically controlled system in the car, we thought why not use this to automate other parts of the car as well.

We found very thin and light weight hydraulic hoses that didn’t take much more space then a traditional electrical cable and very light weight hydraulic actuators that we could integrate into the front bonnet, rear bonnet, doors, et cetera.

This actually turned out to be a very efficient solution as we could replace the traditional gas troughs in these different elements of the car and activate them with hydraulics. It actually weighs very little. The total weight of the system is under 5 kilos, which given the extra functionality is as a small price to pay. It’s actually nice to not have to touch the outside of the car body when its cleaned, it doesn’t become dirty from your fingers or anything like that, and you don’t have to stretch and reach out for the door, it just operates.

Of course, we have to build in a lot of safety features to make this work and function in the real world, so the door – doors actually have built-in proximity sensors both at the front and the outside. So if there is an obstacle in the way, it will just stop. It’s also possible to override the force of the doors and the hoods, if you stop them by hand. And there are sensors, pressure-sensors, and the hydraulic system that reacts to any kind of added pressure.

Koenigsegg Regera Autoskin

Koenigsegg Regera Autoskin

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