Kitty Werthmann Nazi Holocaust Survivor Speaks Of Nazification Of United States


Kitty Werthmann Nazi Holocaust Survivor Speaks Of Nazification Of United States

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Kitty Werthmann Nazi Holocaust Survivor Speaks Of Nazification Of United States

Kitty Werthmann Nazi Holocaust Survivor Speaks Of Nazification Of United States

[Kitty Werthmann Nazi Holocaust Survivor Speaks Of Nazification Of United States]

[Kitty Werthmann Nazi Holocaust Survivor:] Source:
Thank you for inviting me to your great state New Jersey. I was born in Austria and I lived there seven years under Hitler’s brutal regime. And after World War II 3 years under Soviet Communist Occupation.

In 1938, the media reported that Hitler rode into Austria with tanks and guns and took us over. Not true at all. The Austrian people elected Hitler by 98% of the vote by means of the ballot box. Now, you might ask how could a Christian nation almost a 100% Catholic to elect a monster like Hitler. The truth is at the beginning Hitler didn’t look like or talk like a monster at all. He talked like an American politician. [applause]

In 1938 Austria was in a very deep depression. We had one-third of our workforce unemployed. We had 25% inflation, and if you would borrow money from the bank, you pay 25% interest.

It was not unusual that my mother would feed, on the average, 30 people a day, a bowl of soup and a slice of bread. People would come knocking on the door. They wanted to work – there were no jobs. The depression was so bad that we had riots in the streets.

There were two political factions fighting each other. The Communist Party was getting very powerful. So was the Nazi Party. Now when I speak of the Nazi Party, the actually – the Nazi Party – what are we going to be in our country – National Socialist Party, I translate: “National Socialism” that is where the word Nazi came from.

So we heard Hitler speaking in Germany. Germany had full employment. They had law and order and we had riots in the streets, and in Germany the people had a high living standard. They all drove the little Volkswagen, you know, the little Beetle car and there was ever anything said that anyone was being persecuted.

So when we had that unbelievable unemployment and the people were getting so desperate, they petitioned the government for a plebecite for [an] election, and that’s when we elected Hitler by a 98% of the vote by means of the ballot box.

So we got a new government, National Socializm, Nazi government. Of course, we had not idea what that would be. We just thought we were all going to live a high-standard of living like Germany.

[Kitty Werthmann:] Source:
And Hitler promised us that within weeks we would have full employment, and he would feed the poor people. The Red Cross came in. Everybody was being fed. Everybody got something, and – and we were so grateful for everything. We thought Hitler was our savior.

Oh yes, he was a very good orator. He gave very good speeches and we heard that here [America] too? Haven’t we?

So when we got the new government, nobody was elected anymore. Everybody was appointed, from the school board, the county commission, the city commission to the legislature and to the governors.

And Hitler said, the best people are being appointed. We only pick – pick the best people and we trusted him. We had no more elections – none whatsoever.

We also had “Regionalism.” Regionalism is to centralize the government. Centralization is Socialism.

So Hitler said, we have to merge our 7 states into 4. That will save money and we would only have 4 governors. We thought “that’s a good idea.”

As a lobbyist in South Dakota, I found a bill – three times – three times – to consolidate our 66 counties into 15. That’s centralization. That’s Socialism. Take away LOCAL CONTROL. That’s Socialism.

So with our new government, we got a lot of new laws. We got a very very good law, we thought the Equal Rights Amendment. Equal Rights for women. Haven’t we heard that here too?

The Equal Rights Amendment had two components – economically and socially. Economically, to redistribute the wealth of the country, and then socially to get all the women, the Moms, out into the workforce, into employment. Oh yes, Hitler got a lot of chops, a lot of chops – political appointments, hundreds and hundreds of bureaucrats, and of course, he bought the Autobahn, the freeway.

So the Moms were in the workforce. What do you think happened to the children? The Government had an immediate remedy: child daycare centers so the State raised our children.

And by economically by redistributing the wealth, we had massive, massive welfare, because we had a guaranteed income. The government required that everybody has to be equal. Have an equal income.

Those who worked hard paid 70% taxes, [and those who were down here] they were getting the equal income like those who worked hard. That’s called Socialism.

Also, education was nationalized very quickly, literally overnight.

I was 12 years old. I was in 6th grade. I walked into my public school classroom – I went to public school – we had an excellent school system. We prayed in public school and we also had religious education twice a week. That all stopped overnight.

I walked into my classroom March 13, 1938. The crucifix was gone and there was Hitler’s picture, with the Nazi flag on each side.

And our teacher said, “today we don’t pray anymore, we sing Deutchland, Deutchland Uber Allas” [Germany, Germany Above All] – the National Anthem, and she said, “we don’t have religious education anymore either we have physical education instead.”

And on Sundays there would be National Youth Day and that would be compulsory – everybody had to attend. And if our parents wouldn’t send us the first time, they would get a very stiff letter of warning; the second time they would pay a fine of the equivalent of $300 dollars and the third time we didn’t attend, was jail for our parents.

[Kitty Werthmann:] Source:
We couldn’t go to church anymore. The first two hours we had political education. Today I call it Political Indoctrination.

We were being told not to listen to our parents. They were old-fashioned, old fogies – didn’t understand the youth – only Hitler did.

So we were being totally indoctrinated. And the rest of the day we had sports. We got all the equipment free. We got tennis rackets, we got golf clubs and the boys of age 16 got motorcycles so they could form a motorcycle squad. Not only that, they were taken out to the airfield to fly gliders.

You can imagine, that at the end of the day we went back and told our parents how wonderful Hitler was, what he was doing for us and how great everything was, of course we all were compulsory had to attend the Hitler Youth that was compulsory.

We argued with our parents all the time.

We said, “look you don’t know anything. You are old-fashioned. You don’t understand us. They put a ridge between us and our parents.

So, my good mother, when my next school term came around, announced that she would take me out of these horrible public schools.

She would enroll me in a private school with an excellent curriculum, but no fun and I thought this is terrible.

But she packed me off and as we arrived at that big school with the 8 foot wall around it, and a locked iron gate, I bid my mother goodbye and I almost hated her. She was a wise woman. She said, “some day when you grow up you will realize what I am doing for you.”

Needless to say, if my mother wouldn’t have – in the – not done that, today I would be a radical Marxist.

On holidays I would go back home and visit my friends, and I did not like what I saw. Girls of age 16 were pregnant – to have babies for Hitler. Oh, Hitler wanted lots of babies. He know what he all had in mind – and all this you know the lifestyle was very, very loose. You know – I did not like so – that was the educational system. It was literally education was Nationalized.

Hitler also gave us free radios and then he nationalized our radio station. And we were told that if you listened to a foreign radio station there was a capital punishment.

[Kitty Werthmann:] Source:
You don’t turn on Swiss radio or BBC. We only had one voice – the government. They ran the radio station.

Newspapers were censored before they hit the street.

Hitler also looted the Jewish banks and then he nationalized our banks.

Then he nationalized our only car industry. Austria produced a little car, a little bit bigger than a Fiat. Hitler said we don’t need a Fiat, we have the Volkswagen.

So everything was being nationalized.

He also nationalized our healthcare system. We had – before Hitler, we had an excellent healthcare system, privately insured. We had good doctors, good hospitals. We had a lot of good research. That all stopped. It was free for everybody.

Now, I remember my brother-in-law was a family physician. He told me that when he would go to his office at 8 am, 40 patients were waiting for him to be cared for. People went to the doctor for everything and anything. And my brother in law said it was like practicing medicine on a conveyor belt. He could take enough time for some patients because he was totally government controlled.

The government took away free enterprise, salaried the doctors and the hospitals, and many, many doctors left the country, because if you would need – if you would need elective surgery, not emergency, you waited 18 months for a hospital bed.

So many doctors left the country, including my own husband who did not want to practice medicine like his brother had to, came to the United States. He marveled how wonderful our health care is, how wonderful our research is and how wonderful and modern our hospitals were. He said, “I hope [the U.S. system] it will never end up socialized medicine.”

Also we had many government agencies you know the bureaucrats – the bureaucrats were writing all the rules and all the regulations. That’s socialism. The unelected bureaucrats and a lot of it applied to the farmers.

The bureaucrats would go onto the farm and measure the land, told the farmers what to plant, and how much he had to harvest.

They also counted livestock how much – since our food was being rationed – had to be turned into the government.

God help the farmer who butchered a pig for himself – he sure would go to jail.

They also sent out the bureaucrats counted the chickens and ordered how many eggs they had to lay. That’s socialism.

Hitler wrote a book, My Struggle, Mein Kampf. But very few people read it. Had we read it we would have known what was coming, but the people were so busy with sports (that was everything – atheletic events were everything), but people did not read, and they did not read his book.

We also had a lot of abortions, which were highly illegal as Hitler wanted a lot of babies, but if both parents were not 100% Aryan, you know, the Master Race, the mother if she was pregnant she selected to have an abortion. Can you imagine to force you to have an abortion? That was horrible.

We also had euthanasia and I was an eye-witness to that.

In my last year in college, I was sent to a small village in the Austrian Alps. In order – the village was very isolated by the mountains and in the wintertime the mountain passes were closed because of snow. In that village, the people would intermarry, and we know by genetics that a lot of off springs were mentally handicapped. In that village, there were 15 of them. One I knew very well, Vincent our janitor. He could not speak well, or could not read and write, but all these people they did good manual work, so one day the health department came to the families and asked them if they would want to send their son or daughter to an institution to learn how to read and write, and maybe learn a trade, like basket weaving. Gladly the parents signed the papers. Off they went.

[Kitty Werthmann:] Source:
I remember that morning. I looked out of my classroom window and I saw Vincent and all these people going into the Health Department van and they were taken away and I thought they were going for an outing. But I – I asked my Principal and he said, no, they’re going into an institution to learn how to read and write.

I said “Oh that’s wonderful.” Six months passed. The letters came back to the parents that they died a natural but merciful death.

They were all in excellent health when they left. Why should they die within 6 months? It dawned on us – and the news traveled very fast in the village that they were being euthanized.

We also had a federal police force, commonly known as the Gestapo.

And they were everywhere, everywhere in civilian clothes. You didn’t know who they were, but it went like this: since our food was all rationed, and somebody in your family past away, like Grandma, you quickly took that coveted pound of sugar – and went to the grocery store and got that pound of sugar. The next day the Gestapo would knock on your door. And they said “We know you got that pound of sugar instead of turning in that coupon by law, but you inform on your neighbor, your boss, your friends, everybody you know. And you have to come to our office once a week but if you don’t do that, then we will arrest you.”

That way, they had a network of informers.

We didn’t trust the mailman. We couldn’t trust anybody who came to our house, and when we talked something politically with our family, we only whispered. So that was the informants the Gestapo, and they were everybody and we were deadly scared of the Gestapo because people disappeared all the time.

We also had gun registration. All the Austrian people all had guns, but the government said, “guns are very dangerous. Children are playing with guns. Hunting accidents happen and we really have to have total control – safety. And we have to trace criminals and the only way that we can trace the criminal is by the serial number of the gun.” So we dutifully went to the police station and we registered guns.

Not long after registering our guns, they said “no, it didn’t help. The only way we can prevent accidents and crimes – you bring the guns to the police station and then we don’t have any crimes anymore or any accidents.” If you don’t do that – capital punishment. So that’s what we did.

Hitler also nationalized our churches. He said those beautiful cathedrals need a lot of upkeep and restoration and there’s not enough money coming in by private donation on Sunday, so we have to have a church tax. So when you paid your income tax, you paid a 2% church tax. That way Hitler can control the churches. No pastor could speak out anymore.

So dictatorship didn’t happen overnight. It took 5 years, gradually, little by little to escalate up to a dictatorship. And of course withe the Gestapo and I also should relate to you it was probably last year in Feburary 2-09, I drove to the capital one morning as a lobbyist and I heard President Obama say anyone who is criticizing him should be reported to the White House, the Snitch Program. So be careful what you say.

Our borders were being closed. Nobody could get in. Nobody could get out. We were sitting ducks.

That’s what happened to us.

Also, I had the opportunity in November 1985 to go to Switzerland to attend the Summit Conference between President Reagan and [Premier] President Gorbachev.

I was to accommodate the American women who went to support President Reagan.

My other mission was to infiltrate the Communist Peace March.

And I went in disguise as a horrible looking hippie. I marched with Bella Abzug, the Congresswoman; the late Congresswoman, Jesse Jackson and Barbara Boxer.

As we arrived at the Hotel Hilton for a press conference, I saw a group of people there who were not at the Peace March. And I walked up to a woman and asked how come you were not at the Peace March.

And she said, “well, we are all members of the German Communist Party and we couldn’t get legally into Switzerland, so we went over the mountains. Hence, all their muddy boots and torn jackets. So I asked her to tell me more about what is the occasion what were you doing here.

Well first of all she said “we are supporting Premier Gorbachev.” And I said that is interesting, tell me more, what are your real goals.

So she said, “well right now, we take Nicaragua and Honduras and then we go into Mexico.”

And I asked why Mexico – such a poor, corrupt country? She said that is our major goal. I said, why? To take back the territory what America stole from us, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas. And I said look, you can not do this, you need a lot of people. It sounds to me like a Revolution.

She said: “You American are so naive. Your churches are doing the work for us.” And it hit me like a ton of bricks – the Sanctuary Movement.

[Kitty Werthmann:] Source:
There are a lot of churches who are bringing in the illegals. So I said to her, “tell me, when is this event supposed to happen?” She said that, “it all depends on who your President is. Maybe 2004 but most possible 2008.” Who is our President? And look what is happening t the border.

When I saw on television in Los Angeles, when they marched, they trampled, they carried the Mexican flag and they trampled on the American flag, it dawned on me, they are here.

When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny. But when the government fears the people, that’s you The Team Party, that’s liberty.


“Keep your guns, keep your guns, and buy more guns.”


America is still a Christian nation, no matter what Obama says. I am an optimist. God is still on the throne. He did – thank you [Applause] he did not fail us in Austria when the Americans liberated us and He will save America.


We have to take our country back as we know it.

We have to take the US Senate back.

We have to take the White House back.

[Kitty Werthmann:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
My speech is out there and is the sign as a house party that you buy your – my CD and invite 5 or 6 people to your home and you play the CD – we did that in South Dakota, we elected a very conservative Congresswoman – I went to Minnesota we elected Michele Bachmann [Applause] and we defeated a very liberal democrat in Minnesota who was in for 18 years. And I am speaking all over the United States – everywhere, this year, last year and next year, we have to take American back as we know it. Those of us who sail past the Statue of Liberty we came to a country of unbelievable freedom and opportunity.

America is the greatest country in the world if we can keep it.

God bless America and God bless you.

Keep Your Guns, Keep Your Guns And Buy More Guns

Keep Your Guns, Keep Your Guns And Buy More Guns

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