Kid Rock 911 Call


Kid Rock 911 Call

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[Kid Rock 911 Call]

This is 911. What is the exact location and the emergency.

I need an ambulance. Need an ambulance.

What’s the address?

We’re on side road. My assistant looks to be dead. I’m on a Polaris accident, I need an ambulance.

Okay, I have not yet, because I don’t know what’s going on, what is your name sir.

Call the ambulance now.

Okay, tell me exactly what happened.

I don’t know, there is Polaris, my Polaris is off the driveway and it looks to me my assistant is dead.


The body is lying next to spread mud.

I need a fucking ambulance.

Sir, I’m going to send you ambulance, but I’m having a hard time hearing you. Your phone is breaking, I heard you say your Polaris…

What part of fucking ambulance don’t you fucking hear? – Send a god damn now.

Sir, you yelling at me is not going to help the situation, I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on, okay.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s going on, we’re very upset and shock.

I understand that, and I’m trying to help.

We need help.

His phone is –

I know, I know

I can’t understand what he is saying, can you tell me exactly what happened.

We don’t know, we were going to drive to the airport (uh huh) and we couldn’t find his assistant (ok), so we went to look for him (ok) and we just – I haven’t looked, because I can’t look, (I understand) but he appears to be dead. I don’t know what happened, if he took – I don’t know what happened, I have no idea. But we woke up, and he wasn’t in the house, so we came to look for him because it’s just not like him to not be up early. (Huh huh) He was in his bedroom. So we came to look for him and we, oh my god, can you just please send somebody.

From what I understand, you guys found him in the drive way, is that correct?

He is off to the side of the drive way and we have one – like an AVT, then we heard the engine running, and we didn’t touch anything, it’s still running. I haven’t looked because I don’t want to.

It looks like you – SUV.

I think he’s dead. Oh my god. I don’t know.

How old is he?

How old is Mike? He is 30. Oh my god. He looked – I don’t know, I didn’t look at, I don’t want to look at him, but I think he is dead.

I understand, does it look we wreck off the ATV.

I think that’s what happened, but it’s in the trees and it’s still running. We didn’t touch anything. Oh my god.

Okay, listen to me, okay. We want to help him out if we can, okay. I just have a few more questions for you.

I don’t think you can help him, just please send somebody. Please.

I understand, okay, hold on just a moment. Just to make sure, to clarify, is he awake.

He is not. I didn’t look at him.

Is he breathing? Source:

No, no, I don’t want to look, but I don’t think he is alive. He’s dead. Oh my god. Oh god.

Okay, I do have the call for the paramedics to be on the way and the police okay.

And the police, okay. Thank you.

I do have a follow-up questions for you because I want to make sure that we can help him if possible. (Ok) Is there any way that you can go to him?
I don’t want to look, but what do you want us to do. I don’t want to touch anything because it’s obviously, you know.

Okay. I just want to make sure. I know you say, he looks like he’s deceased, but he may still be breathing, if you can give him CPR, I want to do that. Okay. So is there any…

He’s not breathing, he’s has his head mashed up.

His head is mashed up, okay.

I mean, I haven’t look, I can only tell you I am being told, I do want to look. I understanding completely.

Oh my god.

Hold on just a second okay.


Alright, we do have them okay.

Should we – should one of us meet at the gate. We have a gate.

If you can, yeah go ahead and meet us at gate. Okay. Alright, we are on the way, if anything changes or you get any further information give us a call back okay.



Thank you for your help.

You’re welcome. Thank you. Bye bye.

Kid Rock 911 Call

Kid Rock 911 Call

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