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[Key Of Awesome – Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me Parody – 62]

[Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me]


Listen kid, I have an unhealthy obsession with my daughter. So I don’t want her to date until she’s 50. Cause I know the type of guy you are, I was just like you.

You were 17 and in love.

No, I was a teen pop star, I had a top 20 hit with Lulu Booty Jam, remember do the Booty Jam? Do the Booty Jam! Do the Booty Jam! Take the gal by the hand and do the booty jam. Alright, I’m getting off topic, you’re a little bad of shit, if you stay in town, it’s gonna be bad for your health.

So you want me to leave town?


With your daughter.

No, she stays, you go!


Cause I’m gonna kill you, you dumb shit!

I – I don’t follow?

The guy sure is grumpy.
No one can touch me
As long as I’m swagy.
Whatever that means.

Your daddy told me – that he’d murder me, but I’m sure he was bluffing!
That fool don’t know me.
I do Pilate’s and karate’s and he’s fat and disgusting.
I’m hot shit.
I’m way cool.
I’m the toughest dude in my home school.
And also – I have 10 bodyguards. Ya!

No one can touch me
I’m friggin Bruce Lee
I punched a Nazi, right in the throat.
Your daddy is whiny.
Wiener is tiny.
Is he right behind me
That was just a joke.

Could you please
Le-Le-Le-Le-Le-Let Go of my nuts!
Someone call
This sucks

How many 9′s was that?

It’s just a flesh wound.
He’s driving on my head, but I’m just playing possum.
There’s goes my front tooth
When he stops kicking me, I got him right where I want him
Come back here, we ain’t done
That’s just my arm, I got another one
This shit just got real!~~

He folded my legs back
Ripped off my nut sack
Stuck me with thumb tacks
He must be mad
Pushed me off of the the roof
Hit me with phone books
How does my face look

It’s not the bad

No not that!

Ah- weeee!

I know if you noticed but
Your ass looks pretty torn up
The old man from Kill Bill needs to take a chill pill
I don’t know what happened son
But you said you knew Karate
But Mr. ( ) came along in the middle of the song and he chopped up your whole body

That ain’t rappin’ – this is rappin’

Do the Booty Jam!
Do the Booty Jam!
Every one’s a fan of the Booty Jam!
Your telling me that you’ve never heard this?

Calling Beliebers!
It’s Justin Bieber.
Put me in the freezer
To preserve my head.

We’ll resurrect him
We can perfect him
We’ll animate him back from the dead

Now your my
Join the Dark Side
Justin can you hear me
That name no longer has any meaning for me
My name is Dark Bieber


Key Of Awesome – Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me Parody – 62. Could you please. Le-Le-Le-Le-Le-Let Go of my nuts! Someone call. 9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-911. This sucks. Complete Full Song Lyrics, Text, Words To Songs, Reader, Read Lyrics Of Songs, Song, Words And Accurate Lyrics.

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February 11, 2013

LARISSA @ 5:23 am #

this is fake

he doesnt have nuts…

April 14, 2013

whitney @ 4:35 pm #

makes no sense????

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