Kevin McMahill – Officer Involved Shooting Incident – Las Vegas Police Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting


Kevin McMahill – Officer Involved Shooting Incident – Las Vegas Police Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting

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[Kevin McMahill – Officer Involved Shooting Incident – Las Vegas Police Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting]

[Undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill:] Source:
The case today that I am going to speak about perfectly illustrates individual with mental health issues who is dire need of mental health services. Unfortunately and this happens far too often. Law enforcement ends up coming in contacts with these folks and dealing with him numerous times. In this particular case, our officers had 7 prior contacts with this subject. I am not discussing this to place blame on anyone or any agency. I am simply telling you the when it comes to mental health issues in this country, we assist them often fail people who need critical services and don’t get them.

The two officers are respond to the call that day are now often paid administratively. I have spoken with both of them and they are struggling through the after-math of this officer involve shooting. I can tell you that they’re both hurting. This was tough for both of our officers, who are both veteran officers.

Abel Correa -  Undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill Las Vegas Police Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting

Abel Correa – Undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill Las Vegas Police Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting

One of the officers had actually been to this house previously and he knew the person that he ended up shooting. If you think these officers close the door on a case like this after it happens. He sadly mistaken, they don’t. I will be showing you some of the body cam footage from this incident in a few minutes, the footage is dramatic and it is difficult to watch. I hope you use some care when you choose to air it on your news cast.

Date and time of this call was August 7th, at 6:17 a.m. The call was the disturbance. The call was later on updated to a malicious destruction of private property with a video of the suspect that the victim had obtained.

The call was at 6980 Berkshire Place, the location of the officer involved shooting was 6990 Berkshire Place. The time of the actual officer involved shooting was 9:06 a.m. The involved officers in this incident: The first one is Glenn (last name) Taylor. He is 50 years old and he has been a metro veteran of 15 years and he is currently assigned to patrol. He was armed on this incident with a Glock model 22 40 caliber handgun and he fired two rounds.

The second – our second officer in this case is Eli Prunchak. He is 41 years old and he has been working with LVMPD for the last 16 years. He is also assigned to patrol. He was carrying a Sig Sauer model 320 9 millimeter handgun and he fired 4 rounds from that handgun. The suspect in this case and Carlos will put up his mug shot (first name) Abel (last name) Correa. He was 24 years of age and at the time of the shooting; he was armed with a screw driver and a wrench.

He has a very minor criminal history in 2011 he was arrested for possession of marijuana less than an ounce and possession of narcotic paraphernalia, 2012 same thing, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, driving without a license, trespass, and resisting a police officer. In 2013, he had a gross misdemeanor for destruction of property of another; and in 2015, he had obstructing a police officer in violation of a temporary protective order.

I am going to briefly layout some of the interaction that we had with Mr. Correa at 6990 Berkshire address. Like I said according to our records, we’ve had a total of seven prior of events at the Berkshire Place address with Mr. Correa dating back to June 18th. On June 18th, Correa’s mother called police regarding her son smashing things inside of their residence.

Officers’ advised the mother at that time to obtain a temporary protective order and no arrest was made. On June 22nd, officers made contact with Correa at the Berkshire address regarding an incident where they believe that he had slashed his neighbor’s tires.

Correa had told the officers that – stated that his neighbors were holding someone against their will that they were witches and that they were putting spells on him. On that particular incident, we took him into custody for a mental health hold or what is commonly referred to as a legal 2000. The constables office then attempted to serve the temporary protective order on Correa at that address on three separate occasions between June 25th and July 1st. The TPO have been attained by his mother, who had claimed in that application for the restraining order that he was terrorizing the family. On July 6th, Correa’s mother went next-door to ask the neighbors to call 911. While waiting for the police to respond, Correa slashed the tires on his mother’s vehicle. When the officers arrived they served Correa with the temporary protective order and the mother declined to press charges for the slashing of the tires.

Correa was informed that he had to stay way from the residence until July 21st, 2015. On July 7th, the neighbors witnessed Correa breaking into his mother’s house. Officers cleared the house and found Correa locked inside of a bedroom. Officers eventually took Correa into custody on that particular incident and he was booked for a violation of that temporary protective order.

[Undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill:] Source:
After his arrest, the temporary protective order was extended, moved into an extended protective order and that date of extension was from July 21st of 2015 to September 8th of 2015. I’m going to give you some details now of the actual officers involved shooting and that’s at 08:49 hours officer Glenn Taylor and Eli Prunchak were dispatched to a malicious destruction of private property call at the 6980 Berkshire place address.

Upon the officers’ arrival at that address, the victim had advised that the officers at the suspect able Correa, who lived next-door at 6990 that they had observed on their video camera that Correa had exited his house and he threw an object from his house towards their house and he broke the front window of their residence. We actually have some video of that actual incident as well, I’m going to ask Carlos to play that.

You see at the top of the screen on the right that’s Correa coming out of his residence, throws an object through the window of the neighbor’s residence, we’re going to slow that back down for you again, there’s Correa, throws the object, runs back inside of his house.

See the object here in a second with a red circle.

Okay, so the officers arrived at that location. They that viewed video and as they viewed that video they were – there’re some still photos I’m also going to be able to show you here in just a second.

That’s a photograph of Correa coming out of his residence; you could see the throwing motion, you could see the red dot of the object that’s been thrown.


That’s the window that the object went through and that’s where the object came to rest inside of the residence. And as you can see the object ended up being the trailer ball hitch that was thrown by Correa into the neighbors’ window and into the front room.

So the officers were [alarmed] [armed] with this information. They knew that they had a malicious destruction of private property case and they went next door to make contact with Correa at the 6990 address.

As soon as the officers walked immediately adjacent next door, they came upon to mother who was sitting in the entry way to the house on a chair. They began to have some conversation with her and she was talking on the telephone. Ultimately the brother opened the door to the residence the officers asked for permission to go into the residence and the permission was granted by the brother.

The officers then immediately began to look through the house to attempt to locate Correa and they announced their presence while they were looking for the suspect.

The officers were eventually directed to a coat closet which is immediately adjacent to the front door when you enter the residence.

Officer Prunchak alerted officer Taylor by whispering or whistling to him and Officer Taylor immediately joined him and took a position to the right side of the closet.

Officer Prunchak was located to the left of the closet. They communicated non-verbally and officer Taylor opened the closet door.

[Undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill:] Source:
As they did that Abel Correa lunged towards the officers – towards the officer Prunchak in particular and he had a screwdriver in one hand and a wrench in the other. He’s holding the wrench in this manner and the screwdriver in this manner.

Abel Correa Had A Screw Driver And A Wrench

Abel Correa Had A Screw Driver And A Wrench

Both of those objects or both of those tools were raised above his head in an attack position.

You’ll see on the video where officer Prunchak reels back and attempt to create distance between him and Correa. And he eventually fires four rounds at Correa.

Simultaneously Officer Taylor, you also see that in the video, he moves back towards the rear of the kitchen where he fired two rounds also from his firearm.

Of course, the officers immediately summoned medical assistance to the scene where Correa was transported to UMC Trauma and he’s pronounced deceased at 9.49 a.m.

You’ll see on the screen a photograph of the wrench that Correa had as well as a photograph of the screwdriver that Correa had.

Abel Correa A Wrench

Abel Correa A Wrench

Abel Correa A Screw Driver

Abel Correa A Screw Driver

Now, as in this – as in all of the previous times that I’ve held these briefings with you, I told you that if there is body-worn camera and I’m able to show it because it does not harm a potential future ceded Jury and prosecution, I’ll show you that video.

I’m going to show that video to you. Couple of things I want to say to you about the video before it gets started, so you have an idea what – what you’re actually looking at.

Officer Taylor is wearing the body-worn camera. He is left-handed. The body-worn camera is actually up here on his collar. As he retreats he raises his left-hand and the applet of the collar goes up and covers just a little bit of the video that you’re going to be able to see.

[Undersheriff Kevin C. McMahill:] Source:
The video is going to play the first time at full speed and then it will immediately loop into a second showing of the video where the speed has been slowed down to about 50%. So you can see Correa coming out of the closet towards officer Prunchak.

You heard the whistle; this is Officer Taylor back searching at back of the residence.

Its officer Prunchak, that’s the front door and the closet.

Abel Correa -  Kevin McMahill - Las Vegas Police Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting

Abel Correa – Kevin McMahill – Las Vegas Police Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting

[Police:] “Get your hands up” [shoots fired]

[Woman:] No…. no…. no….

Abel Correa -  Las Vegas Police Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting

Abel Correa – Las Vegas Police Bodycam Of Fatal Shooting

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