Keenan Patton Fund For Keloid Removal


Keenan Patton Fund For Keloid Removal

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[Keenan Patton Fund For Keloid Removal]

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Hi, how are you doing? My name is Keenan Patton. Uh… I’m posting this to go fund me because I need you alls financial support, assistance, help. Uh… I have a doctor who is willing to perform a surgery that I need to have done. And it costs a nice chunk of money which I don’t have, I’m currently unemployed. And I just need some financial support. The insurance that I have won’t cover my surgery.

So I have to do everything out of pocket.

As you can see, I have keloids, they are very irritable, itchy, and they drain consistently, daily. I have a few – few more on other areas of my body, as well.

But I just want to show you what it is that I have to do every day to keep from me messing up my clothes up, or just to have some kind of relief.

So if you weak stomachs please stop the video, don’t continue to look.

If you don’t have a weak stomach just brace yourselves and endure what I have to go through. This is going to be a little gruesome.

I only do this just so, (1), I won’t mess out my clothes which are – which are completely damaged.

[Keenan Patton:] Source:
If I don’t do this, because my face, over a certain, you know, period of time throughout the course at the day, it may continue to drain, or pus out, that was just a combination of blood and pus, coming out of this particular one and it does with one too.


And then if I don’t do this, then there will be – there will be a buildup of blood and pus. And then it gets to a point where it’s swollen and it will come out on its own anyway.

So I’m pretty much left like a last resort, kind of choice, to either do this or let it go – drain itself.

And I much rather just go through draining it like this, instead of messing my clothes up all the time. And blood getting all over, and pus getting all over everywhere.So I’m about to clean this off.

I’m really asking and reaching out for you guys to possibly assist me with getting my surgery done.

I shoot to have it done this year. I feel this is the year for me to have it done and them to never ever come back, because I’ve heard many cases where they reoccur. And I don’t want to be that case.

And for all of those who may see this video, who maybe going through same thing or may have a level and is going through same thing. I can shoot you the information one of the doctor that I’m going to. His name is Dr. Michael Jones he’s out at New York, he has a few offices, one in New York, one in Maryland, one in Los Angeles, California, I believe.

From what I saw, he is an excellent doctor. And that’s where I need to go to – to get this done, because I don’t want to deal with the recurrence of them, ever again.

[Keenan Patton:] Source:
And his success rate of them not recurring, it is 90% to 100%. And I really like those odds.

So if you can, please support. All right, I’ll talk to you guys later. I have after results.

[Keenan Patton:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
After my surgery, hopefully within next few months or so to a year. So all right, thanks to you guys, peace.

Keenan Patton Fund For Keloid Removal

Keenan Patton Fund For Keloid Removal

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