Joshua David Evans Heartbroken


Joshua David Evans Heartbroken

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[Joshua David Evans Heartbroken]

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What’s up Internet, hey, guys.

This video is something I never thought I was going to ever have to make in my life. This moment in my life is something I never thought was going to ever happen and it is happening. And a lot of you have questions and I have some answers, but I – let me just get into.

Colleen and I are no longer together and Colleen is divorcing me. And let me just start off by saying that I’m not claiming to be the good guy in this situation and she’s the bad guy, there’s no picking sides, there is no throwing stones.

I’m not claiming to be this perfect person or a perfect husband behind the scenes in any way shape or form, but I want it to be known that I am not choosing this divorce. I don’t want this divorce.

I want her, but I truly believe that she thinks that she’s making the right decision, right now. And I can’t make her decisions for her, I can only decide stuff on my own and my decision is to not end anything, you know – but it’s her choice and I respect her life as well.

So a lot of you probably want to know why, why, why, why, why and I wish I could tell you everything why.

I will say that you know, I was faithfully entire time is nothing like that at all, in any way I would never ever break that trust with her. So that’s not – this is not anything like that. She didn’t do it either. I’m not saying she did that.

That being said I can’t just keep making videos right now. It would all be a fake, it would all be a show and I can’t. I just can’t, so I’m going to take a break for. I don’t even know how long. I’m going to step away from YouTube and Twitter and Instagram all that stuff.

[Joshua David Evans:] Source:
I just – I can’t – I got to go heal in private. And I know I chose to put my life out there and that’s part of my job, but for my own mental health I need to step away. I can’t look at other people’s videos. I can’t watch her videos. I can’t see your Tweets and people Tweeting pictures and videos that they’ve put together and I just can’t. I just can’t. I just – so I just need to go.

And I know that that might excite much of you that I’m going to be going. And maybe if some of you are not going to be happy about that, but that being said all of my friends have surrounded me and have told me, we are not going to let your channel die. You’ve had this dream for so long and you work so hard, but my little sister, most of you know her, Erin. She is going to run this channel. She will be the face of the channel.

And a lot of my other friends are going to join her and do collabs and have a fun time. This channel is going to be a fun channel. And if the time is right and I feel like coming back, I’ll come back.

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So that being said, I’m actually really happy. I am proud of myself right now because I thought I was going to like break down. I filmed plenty of that behind the scenes. Yeah.

So treat my sister nicely, be nice to her. She is doing this for me. And if you don’t want to watch then don’t watch.

Don’t go and throw negative stuff at Colleen. I love her. I’m in love with her. I wish nothing, but success and happiness for her. And that just says; not to involve me anymore.

So I love you guys and I hope I’ll come back. I really want to comeback. I just can’t be here now. I got to – I got to go find some kind of peace.

I just thought I don’t feel any peace right now.

So treat my sister well while she is here and anyone else on this channel, for everyone else I love you, be nice to people and au revoir.

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I understand that many of you want the details surround Colleen’s decision to end our marriage. The purpose of this video wasn’t to hash out all of our problems and private issues. I honestly just wanted to express that no matter what our issues were, I was still willing to work through them. I was never a perfect husband. We were never a perfect couple. We’ve had great times and terrible times behind the scenes over the last 8 years.

I didn’t want to hash out all of our differences and problems in this video. I believe some things should remain private. Colleen and I are very different people with extremely different wants and needs. That fact has always put a strain on our relationship. I’ve said things in angre, made mistakes, and could have been a better partner. For that, I am deeply sorry for ever bringing her pain. Colleen is an amazing woman that captivated my heart from the moment I laid eyes on her.

No matter what we may have disagreed on or argued about would ever lead me to walk away from her. That being said, she deserves to be with someone that connects with her on every level. She deserves to be happy. Ultimately we both weren’t the best at doing that for the other person. We truly wanted to spend our lives together. I still do. I’m heartbroken and lost. If I could change her mind I would choose that in a heartbeat. Colleen, I love you…I always will.

Joshua David Evans Heartbroken

Joshua David Evans Heartbroken

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