John Kimble Books A Hotel Room


John Kimble Books A Hotel Room

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[John Kimble Books A Hotel Room]

[Clerk:] Source:
Happy holidays, thank you for calling [ ] Hilton Fort Worth, [Name] speaking, how may I help you?

[John Kimble:] Hi, how are you?

I’m good, how may I help you today.

[John Kimble:] Good, nice to meet you.

Okay. How may I help you sir?

[John Kimble:] Yes, I would like to have a room please.

Okay. One moment please.

[John Kimble:] Good.

[Phone Recording:] This is our Mom Voyage website, we’re real families share…

Thank you for calling Hilton Fort Worth, this is Abaney speaking. And you do I have the pleasure of assisting today.

[John Kimble:] I’m detective John Kimble. Yeah, hi, how are you.

[Abaney:] Good, how are you?

[John Kimble:] Good. Nice to meet you.

[Abaney:] Nice to meet you too.

[John Kimble:] Yes, I would like to have a room please.

[Abaney:] Yeah, I can definitely help you out with that.

[John Kimble:] Good. Source:

[Abaney:] Did you say your name is John?

[John Kimble:] Yeah, that’s right. Let’s do it.

[Abaney:] All right, John. Now which day is where you actually looking to stay here with us?

[John Kimble:] Tonight.

[Abaney:] Okay, is it just for yourself or there any other adults traveling along…

[John Kimble:] Yeah. No, I work alone.

[Abaney:] Okay. So it’s just yourself coming in tonight and checking out tomorrow morning, Friday, December 25th.

[John Kimble:] Yes.

[Abaney:] Okay. Well, I certainly have the availability. Are you coming out for any special occasions or events for tonight?

[John Kimble:] Yeah.

[Abaney:] Alright, what events or special occasion were you coming out for?

[John Kimble:] I’m just doing my job.

[Abaney:] Okay. That’s great sir.

[John Kimble:] Yeah.. I like that.

[Abaney:] Your job – your job didn’t by chance hold to cite any rooms or anything for you?

[John Kimble:] No.

[Abaney:] Okay. We do you have the availability, it looks like I have king beds available.

[John Kimble:] Yeah.

[Abaney:] And the double beds available. Do you have a preference there?

[John Kimble:] No, it doesn’t matter.

[Abaney:] Okay, okay. So I have a standard king bed that’s available at $149 plus tax per night.

[John Kimble:] How much is that?

[Abaney:] …did say you were coming in for work…

[John Kimble:] The most important thing is money.

[Abaney:] I do have a king bed that’s available on the executive floor, I’ll be able to offer you some Wi-Fi and breakfast in the morning as well.

[John Kimble:] Yeah. Good. I like that.

[Abaney:] Oh, great. Source:

[John Kimble:] Perfect.

[Abaney:] Okay. So the king bed on the executive floor, now that one is $189 plus tax per night. Would you like me to go ahead and hold that one for you John?

[John Kimble:] Yes. Go on.

[Abaney:] All right. Now, are you currently an honors member?

[John Kimble:] No. I don’t play that game.

[Abaney:] Okay. No problem. And what’s the last name on the reservation here sir?

[John Kimble:] John Kimble.

[Abaney:] Kimble?

[John Kimble:] Yeah, that’s right.

[Abaney:] And spell that for me please. Sorry?

[John Kimble:] John Kimble. Yeah. Go on.

[Abaney:] Can you please spell your last name for me please.

[John Kimble:] No. I don’t know.

[Abaney:] You don’t know how to spell your last name?

[John Kimble:] Yeah that’s right. I’m Smart.

[Abaney:] Alright. Were you looking to make a reservation here?

[John Kimble:] Yeah.

[Abaney:] Okay…

[John Kimble:] That’s right, tonight.

[Abaney:] Well, I need to need some information in order to fulfill that. Uh… can – I need a spelling of your last name sir.

[John Kimble:] Yes. Let’s do it. [Come on.] I insist. John. Hello.

[Abaney:] Okay, so your last name, sorry?

[John Kimble:] Yeah. John Kimble. Yeah, go on.

[Abaney:] Sir, if you’re not able to help me out with the reservation, unfortunately I won’t be able to finish it.

[John Kimble:] No, don’t do that. Listen to me very carefully. John Kimble. Yeah.

[Abaney:] Is this a prank call?

[John Kimble:] No, I don’t play that game, hey, I’m a police officer. Hello?

[Abaney:] Okay. Yeah,

[John Kimble:] Yeah.

[Abaney:] You’re not being very helpful right now and I won’t be able to continue the reservation without…

[John Kimble:] No.

[Abaney:] Your assistance on making this reservation sir.

[John Kimble:] Yeah. Let’s do it. Come on.

[Abaney:] So that’s a recording or actually talk, and help me spell this stuff out, I’d be more than happy to continue the reservation.

[John Kimble:] Good. Source:

[Abaney:] Otherwise I need to hang up and/or transfer you to someone else, because unfortunately right now without your cooperation, I’m unable to finish your reservation sir.

[John Kimble:] I hear you. Yeah. I like that. Listen to me very carefully. Connor, Yeah, C I M U P, yeah. Hello?

[Abaney:] Yes.

[John Kimble:] Yeah. Go on. C I M P U.

[Abaney:] Hello, C I M P U.

[John Kimble:] Yeah. Good. That’s right.

[Abaney:] And John is that J O H N?

[John Kimble:] Yeah. Correct.

[Abaney:] Okay. And the best number for us to contact you, in case we need to?

[John Kimble:] 872-6868-829.

[Abaney:] 872-6868-829.

[John Kimble:] Yeah, affirmative.

[Abaney:] Okay, and your address sir?

[John Kimble:] One second. Hello?

[Abaney:] Yes.

[John Kimble:] Two hours and fifty – one second. Hi?

[Abaney:] Yes.

[John Kimble:] 232, Alton Drive.

[Abaney:] 2 – What was that, I’m sorry I missed that.

[John Kimble:] Your confusion is not rational. 232, Alton Drive.

[Abaney:] 23?

[John Kimble:] 23…

[Abaney:] 2?

[John Kimble:] 2, Alton Drive.

[Abaney:] 232, Hilton Drive?

[John Kimble:] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Alton Drive.

[Abaney:] 232 Filton Drive?

[John Kimble:] Yeah, good.

[Abaney:] Yeah, and the zip code.

[John Kimble:] One second. Yeah, 330101. No, 33101, yeah.

[Abaney:] 33101?

[John Kimble:] Yeah.

[Abaney:] And that would be Miami, Florida.

[John Kimble:] Yes.

[Abaney:] Okay. Let’s see here, now would you also like to receive an email confirmation for your reservation?

[John Kimble:] No, no, I’m not interested in that.

[Abaney:] Okay. Lets see here. And, because you are booking the stay for tonight, this will be a non-refundable reservation sir.

[John Kimble:] Yeah, good, I like that.

[Abaney:] All right. And just let you know, Hilton is able to offer competitive pricing on car rentals to our guests. Now, when I finish your reservation would you like to speak to our specialist for a no obligation quote?

[John Kimble:] No.

[Abaney:] All right. No problem.

[John Kimble:] Thank you.

[Abaney:] And in the future if you have any travel plans that require a rental car, we do now offer that service as well.

[John Kimble:] Good. I hear you.

[Abaney:] And one moment please, I need your credit card number along with the expiration date to hold the room for you sir.

[John Kimble:] That’s private.

[Abaney:] I understand, unfortunately that’s what we use in order to hold the rooms, we’re not charging anything at this time.

[John Kimble:] Why not?

[Abaney:] Because we used to hold the room.

[John Kimble:] Why not? Source:

[Abaney:] Because, it’s just used to hold the room, once you get to the hotel, you have the option of paying with cash, by a different credit card,

[John Kimble:] The most important thing is money.

[Abaney:] …or which ever way you prefer.

[John Kimble:] One second.

[Abaney:] No problem.

[John Kimble:] Yeah. 5529 4203 2280 6242, it really comes down to this.

[Abaney:] And the expiration date?

[John Kimble:] 12/16

[Abaney:] All right. And before I confirm this out, do you have any other questions or any future reservations that I can help you with at this time?

[John Kimble:] No.

[Abaney:] All right. Well, since, you’ve been so patient with me John, I did want to offer you $200 off, a future Hilton Brand stay, 100% cash back on your next vacation get away. And just for listening to the offer, $500 points.

[John Kimble:] Yes.

[Abaney:] May I consider using…

[John Kimble:] No, no, I’m not interested in that. Thank you.

[Abaney:] No problem sir. If you hold the line for me, I’ll just have a quick read back of your reservation here.

[John Kimble:] Good.

[Abaney:] May I have your confirmed here at the Hilton Fort Worth coming in on tonight, checking out tomorrow morning Friday, December 25th. Your confirmation number, which I do have here is, 322…

[John Kimble:] Yeah, yes.

[Abaney:] 154…

[John Kimble:] Yes.

[Abaney:] 8019.

[John Kimble:] How much is that?

[Abaney:] And your total amount comes out to $218.88

[John Kimble:] Perfect.

[Abaney:] When you’re all set to go, we look forward to seeing you later on tonight.

[John Kimble:] Good. Yeah.

[Abaney:] Thank you.

[John Kimble:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Hasta la vista, baby.

John Kimble Books A Hotel Room

John Kimble Books A Hotel Room

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