John DiMaggio Bacon Pancakes


John DiMaggio Bacon Pancakes

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[John DiMaggio Bacon Pancakes]

[John William DiMaggio (September 4, 1968):] Source:
Have you ever tried Bacon Pancakes?

Have I ever tried Bacon Pancakes? You know, what! No, I have not tried bacon pancakes and it’s because I already – I already have a huge ass. So I don’t – why am I going to mix – cause you know why? ‘Cause if I made bacon pancakes I’d get thick cut bacon and I’d dice it, right. I’d dice it, and then I’d cook it. And then I’d just go ahead and pour the bacon – I mean the pancakes – the batter into the bacon with the grease, like I wouldn’t drain it – like I’d cook – it would be the most amazing pancakes ever cause I know how to cook and I don’t wanna do that cause I don’t – why would I – bacon pancakes would give me a heart attack.

[John DiMaggio:] Source:
I’m 45 man I don’t wanna – I don’t wanna die from bacon pancakes, brother. All that bacon grease it would be so delicious – cause then – after – alright – so they’d be so savory and then you would have the sweet of the — brrrrr – forget it – now I’m hungry – you’re a jerk.

John DiMaggio Bacon Pancakes

John DiMaggio Bacon Pancakes

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