John Burk – Fitness Motivator About Overweight People


John Burk – Fitness Motivator About Overweight People

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[John Burk – Fitness Motivator About Overweight People]

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Hey what’s up fighters – look — I want to put this video out there real quick. Look, scientific studies have shown that it is not healthy to be overweight. It is – there’s nothing good about it, all right. It puts you at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and all kinds of just, you know, health-related issues down the line, as you – as you get older. You know, joint repair, things of that, you have to get knee replacement surgery, gastric bypass, all these things are a direct reflection of poor eating habits and poor choices in life.

So look, to the overweight people, no, I’m not going to accept you for who you are, with that bullshit excuse of, you should love me because I’m beautiful. Your personality might be beautiful, but your body is not. It is not okay to be overweight. Yes, I will attack society’s bullshit view of saying ‘we should accept everybody for who they are’. They are actually really right, ‘we should’. But when I sit there and I look at somebody who’s overweight, no, I find that utterly repulsive and disgusting. Why? Because it shows a lack of self-discipline. Now, there are certain situations when you’re dealing with thyroid problem and things just like that. But for most people, they try to come up with some bullshit excuse as to why they can be the way they are, because of sheer fucking laziness.

That is a cold truth of it and no one wants to accept it. We should accept everybody. You go right fuck ahead, you go right ahead and help those people out and support that unhealthy lifestyle and be an enabler. And watch them eat themselves into an early grave. Or you can look at them and say ‘look, if you need help, come to me’. I’m sitting here offering you my services, telling you how to eat right, how to exercise, and get yourself an – a healthy body. And not have to deal with these bullshit issues down the line.

But people want to make some, some kind of justification as to why they could be like that. It’s just sheer laziness. And the worst part of it all is this, half of you people, when I see walk into the restaurant, because I will be out there sometimes I’ll take Ashley and I out to eat, and we’ll go get some – you know we’ll get a little unhealthy meal every now and then just to shock the body, go out and have a good time. But I’ll sit there and I’ll watch somebody overweight coming to that restaurant. And you know what I’m looking for right behind them? The children that are exactly the same way, direct reflections of those people because they can’t teach them right, because they’re too lazy to out there and cook a fucking healthy meal.

So don’t give me these bullshit excuses as to, you know – I just can’t cook. Mutherfucker that’s bullshit and you fucking know it. That is bullshit. And you’re trying to pass that excuses off because you are simply fucking lazy. And It requires some effort on your part to get up there and take an active role in your children’s life. That’s what’s called being a parent, that’s what’s called looking out for them and being fucking responsible. But instead you got to feed them shit, garbage, after garbage after garbage.

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And then you’re going to wonder why your children are gonna get made fun of at school? Yeah, that’s a fact of life people. Bullying is out there. There are bullies out there. Who do they go for first? The overweight kids. Why? That’s just how life is. I don’t agree with it, I was bullied, but that’s just the way it is and it’s never going to stop. You’re putting your children at risk for low self-confidence when you feed them shit, after shit, after shit. And not even some – I don’t even want to mention how unhealthy it is.

So look, this is not a John Burk saying hey, ‘you are fucking, you are disgusting yeti, yeti, yad’. This is John Burk saying some healthy to have a little come to Jesus meeting and understand what it is you were doing to your children, as well as your own life. And you are eating yourselves into an early grave. Well, John it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go, yeah. But what is your quality of life going to be until then?

So take it for what it is, you can get mad at me, you can get off the fucking page. I really don’t give a fuck. But the fact of the matter is hopefully somebody out there sees this damn video and says ‘I’ve had enough, I’m done with this, I’m going to make a slow, small change’. Hey, if you want to start out, cut your sugar drinks. Cut all your sugar, slowly but surely implement one healthy meal a day. The next week or two weeks later: two healthy meals a day, three healthy meals a day. Go walk for ten minutes, jog for ten minutes, get a gym membership, do something. Get your kids off the fucking couch first and foremost. Shutdown the fucking Xbox, shutdown the PlayStation the fucking computer and get them the fuck outside play and tag. Get a fucking little swimming pool. Anything go get them active, that would get them off the couch out there pursuing physical fitness.

And it doesn’t have to be a gym. It can be anything out there. Do it for the sake of your children people. We’re teaching them the wrong way. America is the most obese nation in the world. Why? Because we’ve get all these bullshit fast food companies out there advertising this, that and the other and now they are trying to come out with this fat free bullshit. I got news for you. It’s not. It might looks be fat free, but they’re going to take the fat from here and they are going to implement some other way to make a taste better. The fat might be gone, but they might add in a different way, shape or form.

So trust me. Stay the fuck away from the fast food places. Go to shopping centers and get healthy fucking food. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper. It is a hell of a lot cheaper. You can go out there and drop $15, $20 on maybe two meals for a burger or whatever. Or you can go to the shopping center and get about eight chicken breasts for the same amount of money. That will feed you at least three to four meals. So don’t give me this bullshit excuse that it’s too expensive to eat clean, it’s not. You’re just fucking lazy. That’s all, that’s the truth of the matter.

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Take it for what you will people. This isn’t me being fucking angry. This isn’t me trying to fat-shame. This is me saying you need to change your life before a doctor comes in and says, ‘Look, I’m sorry, there’s nothing else we can do, we got to take the leg’. We’ve got to cut your arm off. We got to do this – we gotta do that, because you are diabetes and you are so overweight and you can’t even exercise. That’s what this is about. I don’t want to see you go down that road people, I don’t want to see that. Get out there and get active in the arena.

John Burk - Fitness Motivator About Overweight People

John Burk – Fitness Motivator About Overweight People

John Burk – Fitness Motivator About Overweight People. Cut all your sugar, slowly but surely implement one healthy meal a day. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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