Joe Weller – Is The Gym Really Worth It


Joe Weller – Is The Gym Really Worth It

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[Joe Weller – Is The Gym Really Worth It]

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You guys so, today in this video I want to talk about a little subject that a lot of you’ve been asking me about and I have actually been thinking about quite recently and it is the whole idea of going to the gym. Is it really worth it?

So I’m just going to start with a little bit of background information about me basically I started gym when I was 14 and I’ve been going ever since, okay, done.

I’m now 19

Now the first point I’m going to bring up is why, why I did I go? Obviously the idea of looking ripped is just ideal isn’t it?

Oh, yeah, you look sick, you look amazing, all the girl’s are going to love you or you doing it just to be healthy I just go to the gym because I want to look awesome, oh shut up. You’re just chatting shit mate.

But a lot of people say that, they just do, yeah, I just – I just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and live till I’m a 140, yeah. I mean fair enough. Yeah, some people that may be true but I think from my experience a lot of people are doing it to look good.

But this is where I think some problems kind of rise and this is where is it worth it does actually come in.

But what I’ve written down here is like if it gets too intense, if you get so obsessed with being the biggest the most great-looking that – you know you’re not going out with friends, you are not eating things you might enjoy eating, you’re essentially sacrificing the rest of your life just to look good for other people that don’t even really give a crap.

You know that is then I feel you’re just no, no the gym is not worth it.

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You know that is yeah, you are doing yourself harm in reality guys like the number one person, the number one person who cares how you look right is ‘you’, really, is your mate [“Damo” just gonna be like oh your weller] – your biceps are half a centimeter smaller, I’m not being your friend anymore. Yeah, go – go away, yeah he is not going to do that, is he? He’s just not. And you are not going to be – want to be friends with anyone who does do that?

It’s likewise with girls – it just is – you don’t want a girl who is just going to be talking to you because of how you look, oh that’s pretty good. That comes in handy for like – but just – it just isn’t – it just – Nah! I’m going to be hated. But you feel me, do you actually just feel me? Go on and take a feel, there you go.

No matter what you do, okay, anything in your life as long as long as it is making you happy that is what matters most. And if you do the gym in the right way in a way that makes you happy, you know, you don’t have so much that you are knocking yourself out and you can’t do anything else or you don’t get so obsessed with yourself that you are just so paranoid about the way you look, you know. If you just go – go enough times so that you’re enjoying it and you’re having fun then it just is good. And you get sick benefits as well, you know, feeling great looking great all that but I think that is the key just keeping the balance. That is – it has been quite deep, hasn’t it. But on a level guys I really hope this has helped because about two months ago I had – I hit this brick wall where I was like I’m – I’m -I’m going crazy and I took two months off going to the gym, I didn’t go.

I just get running, I literally got point where I was stressing out so much – it was when I went to LA. When I went to LA with the guys I was there for a month. And at first I was trying to go to the gym all the time, I was like I’m gonna go guys, is our house that we are renting near a gym, I have to go the gym.. And what I found myself doing is not going out with the guys, I’d –they’d be, oh, hey, Joe we are going for skateboard, we’re going to beach, whatever, we’d be like: No guys I’ve got to the gym.

And is it just like, is it that not cool – that you’re – what I’m sacrificing experiencing LA with my friends, just go in a darkroom and just training in the gym on my own.

Like it just didn’t make any sense and that’s where you just go far those levels. And it was at that point, I was just obsessed.

And yeah, really, I mean look at me, I’m not going to get birds just how I look, am I?

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If not with friends or anyone you know. It’s all most – it’s going to be a personality moreover, I know it’s a cliché thing, but it just is, if you got a banter about you – think about it – if you walk in a room or you come to a party you’re like aye you’re having a laugh at everyone, yeah, they are going to love you. You’re going to so many friends, it’s going to be sick. But if you walk in like, aye, they are going to be like you’re a twat, you know what I’m saying – they are just are.

So yeah priorities: be happy, keep the balance and we’re good.

Any ways, like I say boys and girls, I really hope that this has helped you in some way shape or form, because it does seem the gym it is just becoming a really, really increasing thing nowadays in our lifestyle.

So, yeah, any ways if you have enjoyed this video – it would be sick if you can leave a like ratings, subscribe if you are new.

And guys I’ve been wella. All have a good day. And I’ll catch later. Peace….

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That is a friggin sticky stick stick mate – I went from being like chubby as flip to just being a rake to a progress album. I’d like to put this stuff up look – at look all the pictures, yeah, here we go, Weller.

Joe Weller - Is The Gym Really Worth It

Joe Weller – Is The Gym Really Worth It

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