Joe Rogan – The American War Machine


Joe Rogan – The American War Machine

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[Joe Rogan – The American War Machine]

[Joseph James “Joe” Rogan (August 11, 1967)] Source:
A lot of shit comes up that people would want to vote on, like the bailouts, the war, things of this nature, there’s a lot of things that people would like; that’s going to affect us. We’d like to vote on this. But you don’t get to vote on. You get to vote on a representative. These people are going to represent you once they get into office, and think about some of the laws that are in place to protect corporations, think about some of the laws that are in place that fuck people over every day. They wouldn’t be there, people are voting for them.

We all have this desire to have someone lead us. We all have this feeling where we need someone who’s smarter and wiser, who represents us, and when you’re really fucking dumb, the problem is really dumb people, they get to saying everything too; and they’re subject to a lot of tricks, they’re subjects to – they’re subject to nationalism, they’re subject to these kind of ridiculous, “rah, rah, rah” America’s speeches that don’t say jackshit, they say nothing. It’s all just this cheerleading fucking event, and they’re subject to it. They can’t help it, they’re dumb. They don’t know they’re being bullshitted. They grew up around dumb people, they go to work with dumb people there’s no one in their family that’s interesting or ask any questions at all, and they just could suck right into it man.

This society is so greedy; we’re willing to go to war. We’re willing to go places and send these big metal machines that kill people, and fuck people up just so we can make more money. And the way our society is set up. I mean, I proved it, argued and argued successfully that our society runs on war, you know. It runs on the domination of the other parts of the world, and literally that’s the only way you can control a gigantic chunk of the globe, you have to keep everybody down, you know, and that’s what our society is based on.

We can’t be fighting over each other because these guys are like, a million people dying in Iraq, and everybody goes as long as it doesn’t happen over here. But it is, that is – that is over here. Just over here, over there, it’s the same thing, it’s the people you don’t know, that were born somewhere else, who fucking got jacked. You get trapped in that whole idea of – you know – this is my team, these are my people, and someone plays a fuckin country music song that throws up a flag, and I’m in, fuck it, it feels good. That was good to be in, right?

Feels good. God Bless America, feels good singing around with a bunch of other people and you’re all drinking. We are the fuckin baddest mutherfuckers on the planet. Wooooo!~ And that’s how people get recruited.

It’s a claustrophobia these poor fucking kids, man can you imagine being 18, 19; being talked into doing a shit for a bunch of blood thirsty mother fuckers who just are trying to get whatever they’re trying to get over there, whatever the fuck it is, whether it’s lithium, you know, minerals in the mountains that they used to make cell phone, whether it’s 90% plus of the world’s opium supply, 90 fucking percent that is a multi multi-billion dollar business. And if you think these fucking industrialists cock suckers that are running the world, they’re going to leave that money behind, you’re fucking crazy.

Dude, they’ve got United States army of troops guarding poppy fields. There’s fucking so much heroin there. I mean it’s incredible, the fucking brother of the President of Afghanistan, his brother was selling heroin, and getting paid by the CIA. I mean goddamn it, heroin is absolutely addictive. Okay, people who try heroin get hooked, heroin is everywhere, okay, so you need to sell it, someone’s selling it, who is selling it? I don’t know, but 90% of it comes from this one place where we have to be to save our freedom. You can’t criticize it, because if you criticize it, you’re shit head you don’t appreciate the troops on what they’re doing for you, and that’s not the case at all. I just don’t like the idea of these fucking people leading us in any direction where you need to sacrifice your life. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe them.

Well, there’s been so many fucking lies, I mean the more you look it up, the more you go into any of the stories on the web, it’s a mass destruction before we invaded and compare them to what we actually know that they really knew, when they sent that.

It’s like they did it on purpose, they wanted to get in there. So whatever fucking reason, and if it some crazy, the world was going to end if we don’t stop this, we can’t tell you shit like I would love to believe you. I would love to believe that the reason why you’re not telling us exactly what the fuck is going on is because you’re really protecting us from some insanely evil thing that if we knew about it, it would – society would collapse, but our strong brave powerful leaders are going to guide us without our knowledge, I would love to believe you, if you weren’t all full of shit.

We’re going to have to step back and look at it all in a different way, and I don’t think you’re going to get that from just voting for President, and dealing with all this nonsense that we have right now with the fucking, with the two-party system. It’s just we’re spinning our wheels, we’re not getting any traction this is all nonsense. The same nonsense with Obama that we dealt with, with Bush. Special interest groups controlling what people say and do, what direction the country goes in, and save us from the bad guys, shut the fuck up, man, it’s the same nonsense.

Operation Northwoods. Something that was plotted out during the 1960s, signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff where they were going to fake terrorist attacks on American civilians and blame it on the Cubans so we could go to war with Cuba. It involved a bunch of shit like blowing up a jetliner, they were going to have a drone jetliner and blow it up, and say that people died on it, and this was going to get everybody fired up about going to war with Cuba they were going to attack Guantanamo Bay; they were going to arm Cuban friendlies to attack Guantanamo Bay, so that we would have to go to war with Cuba.

This is like the, our own government they plotted it now, with real shit I remember when I saw JFK, the Oliver Stone movie, and it was like part of the premise that JFK; that Oliver Stone was pushing in his film, as if they killed JFK because they want to stay in Vietnam and they were making a lot of money in Vietnam. And I remember at that time seeing that movie going that is absolutely ridiculous; who the fuck believes that. I was thinking to start wars, and keep wars going just because they can make money even though it’s not a real war; it’s not a just war. Nobody wants to go to war, that’s stupid, hippy bullshit.

Well as I got older, and I started investigating history from way back to Vietnam, to the Gulf of Tonkin to all the shit that happened when Kennedy and Nixon were in office; to all the shit that happened with Reagan and the Contras and Nicaragua, the Sandinistas and all the different various things that have happened in human history where it’s clear that United States is; you know, we’re fucking around with all kinds of things all the time to make money. And it is a bunch of people that are profiting of the war. And they are not just profiting like a little bit of money here and there, you look at like what’s going on with like with how much money Halliburton raised in the war, which is like billions and billions of dollars, that’s like real money.

Eisenhower leaving office, and he is giving a speech warning the American people about the power of the military, industrial complex. You know, when you watch that – well here is the sitting President who’s leading office, and the most important thing that he wants to tell people is that you have to be careful because here’s a machine here that wants to go to war. There’s a business behind going to other countries and fucking people up and taking their shit, and they come up with reasons to do this, and they sacrifice American lives to do this, and they do it for profit, and it sounds absolutely ridiculous, it sounds absolutely outrageous that the greatest country on earth can be involved something like that from the get-go. But yes that’s what history says, that’s how it points, it points in that direction, it points in that direction that it’s going in.

[Video Clip Plays – Eisenhower’s Farewell Address To The Nation]
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.

[Joe Rogan] Source:
Tower 7 disturbs me the most. That Tower 7 just went hoosh… just like a controlled demolition. And everybody was like yeah, but it had holes in the building, you see the hole in the building? Yes, I see the hole in the building, but wouldn’t it fall towards that hole? Why is it falling like that? That doesn’t make sense to me with Tower 7.

The way Tower 7 fell, it just kinked in the middle, and fell down freefall speed to almost, I mean everybody like they’ll nitpick out you, oh it was one tenth of a second slower than free fall. Even if it was just close to freefall, that’s crazy there was no resistance, it just gave up. Why would it like way go and collapse towards where it jet got jacked, it just seems like a controlled demolition, that bothers me.

Joe Rogan – The American War Machine. God Bless America, feels good singing around with a bunch of other people and you’re all drinking. We are the fuckin baddest mutherfuckers on the planet. Wooooo!~ And that’s how people get recruited. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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