JJ Barrows – Single, Thirty-something And Curious


JJ Barrows – Single, Thirty-something And Curious

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[JJ Barrows – Single, Thirty-something And Curious]

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Single, thirty-something, and curious…

Jennie Joy Barrows:
So, I’m pretty convinced that, thirty is the adult puberty, your body is changing, your metabolism isn’t what it used to be – I’m tired.

It was like the freshman 15 in college but then you get the thirty its like the thirty-thirty not to mention the awkward feelings of being around someone you like, it doesn’t go away when you turn thirty. In fact I think its heightened.

We are at that age where we are supposed to be getting married.

Someone asked you out for a cup of coffee and then you are like oh my god – I’m not ready for that, that’s a huge commitment – I’m not ready to get married, not interested, not curious; not going there.

In the meantime, I was invited to brunch, who has brunch, it’s like either eat breakfast twice or eat lunch, or why eat brunch,

There was a fellow there – I can gage the fact that he is attractive and the people probably find him attractive. I myself have chosen not to find him attractive. I’m not attracted to you, I was nice, but I wasn’t engaging. Anytime a question was directed toward me – deflection –

He has all these great stories and he travels and he’s been to Africa and he helps orphans and widows or something like that I don’t really know.

[JJ Barrows:] Source: LYBIO.net
Things let’s be honest would probably impressed most people, I’m not easily impressed by the things that you do. I’m more impressed by like the small everyday stuff the little things that add up and matter you know.

Do you date one women at a time, or do you date six?

Things like that matter to me anybody can help an orphan that’s sounds horrible I apologize.

He then looks at me and and says; what about you JJ and so I say I’m on vacation. A vacation from my problems yeah, yes and [that], but here me out it’s a line from one of my favorite movies, this is when there was a drastic turn of events because instead of being freaked out by the fact that I was implying I was on vacation from my problems, he responded with a line from the same movie 90% of what I speak is movie quotes.

When I realized, that we spoke the same language, something somewhere in me that I thought was either asleep or dead, woke up and I saw this guy for the first time and I thought, oh my word, how curious I was still guarded. But curious, curious so and curious so — creepy, two days later we ran hanging out in the call day was in a group great and we were talking and engaging in conversation and I felt alive again in a way that I literally haven’t for a really long time which is what happens when someone rips your heart out, stomps on it and leaves it on the sidewalk for someone to run over, I’m so over that, so over that.

And sure we were talking about his ex the whole entire time, why did this subject matter I mean this was like a whole day affair like church in the morning and lunch afterwards, beach all day, you know, some said stuff and yeah we talked about his ex not the point – the point is we were able to carry on good conversation even if it was about his ex.

He texted my friend later and tells her thanks for the great date – tell JJ she is a gem, what kind of a gem? A diamond in the rough.

The next day I’d leave him like this funny little voice text because I discovered voice text on my phone and I think that its amazing and so I do that the people to be amazing and annoying but mostly amazing cause why not.

Maybe I sang a song on the voice text, is that a little much?

I don’t know it could have been.

I’ve been out of this game for a little long time, I don’t know how it works.

[JJ Barrows:] Source: LYBIO.net
Maybe you don’t meet a guy and based on one joke interaction think that things are going to workout between you talk about his ex the next time you hangout for about 12 hour period and then leave a voice text on a phone singing a song about a candle to the tune of “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean” yeah, I did that.

Two days later, I found out he asked somebody else out, its not like I wanted to get married I was just curious to have more conversation – not about his ex, you know.

So I don’t got game.

How is this work?

Okay, Enough of that..


I don’t know really know, how you’re supposed to act around someone that you’re curious about and that’s the best way that I can put it.

I had crush on a dude that lasted for three days, its not a crush, it’s a curiosity.


The good new in all over this; is that I can still get a crush.

[JJ Barrows:] Source: LYBIO.net
I think if I’m honest, I still kind of have a tiny, baby, weenie little baby itsy bitsy spider kind of a crush on him. But I’m not going to tell him that.

I have a curiosity about someone. Text me back, text me back, text me back – why won’t you text me back – oh my gosh! Text me back!

Do something else, do something else, do something else, do – just because I have crush. Doesn’t me that I am completely sold on the idea of you.

So don’t let your head get too big.


You missed out on a woman of talent.

Most of my first kisses have involved me throwing up.

JJ Barrows - Single, Thirty-something And Curious

JJ Barrows – Single, Thirty-something And Curious

JJ Barrows – Single, Thirty-something And Curious. I still kind of have a tiny, baby, weenie little baby itsy bitsy spider kind of a crush on him. But I’m not going to tell him that. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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