Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Gawker Stalker


Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Gawker Stalker

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[Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Gawker Stalker]

[Jimmy Kimmel:] Source: LYBIO.net
…joining us from New York, a woman who is actually changing this game dramatically, Emily Gould. She’s the editor of the website Gawker.com. Hello, Emily.

[Emily Gould:] Hi, Jimmy.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] You look like a very pleasant woman and…

[Emily Gould:] I am a very pleasant woman.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] I have to say — Tell everyone what you do and what goes on on your website.

[Emily Gould:] Well, I think that maybe the issue that you have might be with our Gawker Stalker Map, am I right?

[Jimmy Kimmel:] Well, yes, I mean I think that’s – well explain what that is exactly.

[Emily Gould:] The Gawker Stalker Map tells you where celebrities have been sighted in New York City at any given time, so you can sort of scroll around and see, you know, Jude Law was shopping for condoms at the Duane Reid in midtown or you know…

[Jimmy Kimmel:] So people are out and they have their cell phones and they can send a message to you and say, I just saw Gwyneth Paltrow at the movies, and that way when Gwyneth Paltrow comes out of the movies, there would be at least a dozen psychopaths waiting for her.

[Emily Gould:] That’s actually a popular misconception about the way the Stalker Map works.

[Jimmy Kimmel:]

[Emily Gould:] It doesn’t happen in real time. I think that’s why George Clooney got so upset because he thought that we were actually…

There’s a five minute delay, she’s right…

[Jimmy Kimmel:] How much of a delay is there when you say…

[Emily Gould:] Sometimes there’s a couple of hours that lapse between…

[Jimmy Kimmel:] Bull.

[Emily Gould:] …stalking – like — it’s not actual stalking.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] What is the shortest delay that you’ll have? I mean is it sometimes – can it be 15 minutes after they see a celebrity?

[Emily Gould:] Um…. It can be but it’s rare, really rare.

[Howard Bragman:] I’ve had my clients in five-minute delays. I had them in a store going, there [inaudible] are we allowed to say that word?

[Jimmy Kimmel:] I don’t know. I don’t know.

[Crosstalk Inaudible]

[Mark Geragos:] Source: LYBIO.net
There’ll be a time – I will predict that there will come a time one of his clients has spotted some psychopath, as you say, does something and somebody will sue this website and make a fortune for being in the chain and for being foreseeable for putting somebody out there and putting them at risk.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] Well, I mean you can’t say that will happen but it may happen…

[Emily Gould:] Well, we’ve been doing it four years and it hasn’t happened yet.

[Mark Geragos:] I will venture so far to say that it will be only a matter of time before it does happen.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] In your opinion, of course.

[Howard Bragman:] Celebrities have been stalked and celebrities have been murdered and it does happen. It happens a lot more than we even talk about or is it reported in media.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] And this is a way to alert people that might be interested in a particular celebrity. My problem is you post things that simply aren’t true on the site and you do no checking on your stories whatsoever. I’ll give you an example. There was a story about me that popped up on my Google search. It said “Daily Gawker Stalker, when isn’t Jimmy Kimmel visibly intoxicated?” And there’s a story about me being visibly intoxicated.

[Emily Gould:] [laughs]

[Jimmy Kimmel:] I know it may be funny to you, but I didn’t find it that amusing.

[Emily Gould:] Okay.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] And a matter of fact, the story that talks about me being drunk, I was coming home with my cousin’s – my 1-year-old cousin’s birthday party with my elderly aunt and uncle and my kids and my cousins and I was – I may have been loud but I was far from intoxicated and you put these things on there. I mean I know you’re an editor. What exactly are you editing from the website?

[Emily Gould:] There’s a whole other aspect of our website that doesn’t have anything to do with the Stalker Map. But what the Stalker Map is citizen journalism. People don’t read with the expectation that every word of it will be gospel. Everyone who reads it knows that it isn’t checked at all.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] Well…

[Emily Gould:] What they read it for is immediacy.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

[Emily Gould:] You don’t un-filter sort of the way people that perceive celebrities in real time that you don’t get from any other media and that’s what I think is great about it.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] Well, I mean you also get what is essentially slanderous statements or libelous statements put on your website. I mean, for instance, today there was – I noticed there was something about Kevin Costner. I went on to see what was there today.

[Emily Gould:] Um…

[Jimmy Kimmel:] And it just said how fat Kevin Costner was and it had a picture of Jabba the Hutt next to him. Now, I know you sell advertising. I don’t know why anybody would buy advertising on a website, but I don’t know what the point of something like that is.

[Howard Bragman:] There’s also a big contradiction. She said citizen journalism. She used the word journalism and then said, everybody knows not everything is true. Most journalists at least try for the truth. It’s a goal.

[Emily Gould:]
I mean do you read U.S. Weekly and expect that everything in it is true or Star.

[Crosstalk Inaudible]

[Howard Bragman:] I expect that they try. I get calls from them fact checking and I don’t from your website.

[Mark Geragos:] That’s absolutely true. U.S. Weekly at least has a legal department that vets things.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] And our photographers at least are taking photographs of things that are happening, as opposed to – I mean I’d just want you to think about your life and you know…

[Emily Gould:] Source: LYBIO.net

[Jimmy Kimmel:] Weigh your options. And I mean because I would hate to see you arriving in hell and somebody sending a text message saying, guess who is here? You know what I’m saying?

[Emily Gould:] I… Honestly, I think that there is a shifting definition of what is public and what is private space for everyone not just celebrities. The Internet, blogs, MySpace, no one has the reasonable expectation of being able to walk down the street and not have what they’re doing being noticed by someone.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] Well, that’s – Well that is just a terrible thing, though, isn’t it? I mean…

[Emily Gould:] Is it really? I mean I think it’s great that we’re not putting people up on a pedestal and worshipping them anymore. I think it’s good that people are acknowledging that celebrities are real people.

[Jimmy Kimmel:] But you’re throwing rocks at them, though. I mean it seems to me that celebrities should be…

[Emily Gould:] Aren’t they kind of protected by piles of money from those rocks, I mean?

[Jimmy Kimmel:] No, no. And by the way, not all celebrities are wealthy. I mean you know that’s a silly and stupid thing to say, you know that. Come on now, just because people have money means its okay to say false things about them, to tear them down?

[Emily Gould:] It’s not okay to say false things about anyone. I’m not talking about –

[Jimmy Kimmel:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Well, you should check your website then.

Thank you for talking to us.

Anderson Cooper 360 is on at the top of the…

Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Gawker Stalker

Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Gawker Stalker

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