JFK Calls About Furniture July 25 1963


JFK Calls About Furniture July 25 1963

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[JFK Calls About Furniture July 25 1963]

[John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963):] Source: LYBIO.net

July 25 1963
Phone call about furniture purchase

Ever sensitive to public opinion, Kennedy was horrified to open the paper one day and see a photograph of a navy aide standing next to an expensive new naval project, a hospital bedroom that had been built at a base on Cape Cod, to be ready in case Jacqueline Kennedy went into labor with their son, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy. Such an expenditure seems modest today, but Kennedy was irate at the cost and, even worse, the publicity involved.

[JFK:] General?


[JFK:] That air force has caused itself more grief with that silly bastard. Did you see the Post this morning?

[MCHUGH:] Yes, sir, I’m…

[JFK:] See that fellow’s picture by the bed?

[MCHUGH:] Yes, sir.

[JFK:] And did you see that furniture they bought from Jordan Marsh? What the hell did they let the reporters in there for? Are they crazy up there? Now you know what that’s gonna do? Any congressman is going to get up and say, “Christ, if they can throw $5,000 away on this, let’s cut ‘em another billion dollars.” You just sank the air force budget! You’re crazy up there! Are they crazy? That silly bastard with his picture next to the bed?

[MCHUGH:] Sir, I’m appalled but…

[JFK:] Well, I’m appalled too.

[MCHUGH:] Yes, sir.

[JFK:] Now the thing is, the thing of the matter is, I’m gonna get that furniture, and I just told Sylvester and you can talk to him. I want to find out if we paid for that furniture because I want it to go back to Jordan Marsh.

[MCHUGH:] All right, sir.

[JFK:] Then I want, that fellow’s incompetent who had his picture taken next to Mrs. Kennedy’s bed, if that’s what it is. I mean, he’s a silly bastard! I wouldn’t have him running a cathouse! And that Colonel Carlson, who let in Larry Newman and those reporters. Is he crazy, too? Christ, they’re all incompetents! Is that the way they are throwing money around over there? You better look into it, and especially when you told me that they hadn’t spent a cent.

[MCHUGH:] Why, sir, this is obviously…

[JFK:] Well, this is obviously a fuckup.

[MCHUGH:] That’s right.

[JFK:] That’s right.

JFK Calls About Furniture July 25 1963

JFK Calls About Furniture July 25 1963

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