Jerk Circle How It’s Unmade Oreo Cookies


Jerk Circle How It’s Unmade Oreo Cookies

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[Jerk Circle How It’s Unmade Oreo Cookies]

Oreos: A vital part of any nutritious breakfast. But did you know that some companies harvest them for raw materials?

This factory does just that.

Packages of cookies are fed into a roto-sealer that bonds the wrappers together. The wrappers are then stripped off by a tug puller. Rollers collect them for reuse as Vancouver building insulation.

Unleaded Oreos are sent on one path, and leaded Oreos are sent on the other.

Powerful vacuums pull the cookies off the line.

Magnetic grabbers collect the cookies from the plastic.

Friendly robotic arms move the cookies along to the next station.

Here, the stacks of 11 are carried downward to the shooter, which splits off individual cookies.

Capillary action pops off the top of each Oreo stack, sending the cream-covered bottom cookie forward on its own.

Meanwhile, the top cookies travel upwards to the next level.

A turbo pump collects the cream from each Oreo, which will be recycled as milk. Aw yeah… just look at that cream. MMMM.

The leftover cookies are shoved up a series of tubes by an advanced suction mechanism.

The stacks of cookies are brought onto a series of conveyer belts, which each drop down to a set of ramps.

A series of power slam ramps bring the cookies up to the next level. “Fuck yeah. Slam that shit.”

After being power slammed, the cookies slither into position, forming orderly rows and columns.

Powerful fans keep them cool.

Afterward, the cookies enter a softening oven, and sent along on conveyers.

Next, they shift from a steel conveyer to a silicon.

The cookies are pulled into a roller, which feeds the cookies into a powerful shredder.

Wizards collect the cookie extract and shovel them into a large tank, which is brought to a centrifuge. The centrifuge pulls the baking powder and flour to the top, where a wizard extracts it.

Half the flour consumed in the United States is extracted from Oreos.

The heat of the centrifuge causes the tank to suck in smoke. When this happens, a worker has to use his smoke bucket to clear it out.

Before long, the centrifuge converted these Oreos to a delicious, bubbling slurry of ingredients.

Water is added to help the tumbling process.

At this point, the water is extracted for use in rivers.

Now, it’s time to harvest.

Workers use vacuum bags to extract cocaine, gunpowder, cocoa and sugar from the pile.

These cookies truly are the eighth wonder of the world.

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Jerk Circle How It's Unmade Oreo Cookies

Jerk Circle How It’s Unmade Oreo Cookies

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