Jenna Marbles Thoughts From A Bathtub


Jenna Marbles Thoughts From A Bathtub

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[Jenna Marbles Thoughts From A Bathtub]

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What? You know a lot of people say that they get really great thinking done when they are in the shower. I do not, because I have too things to do in there. To shave, it’s like actual work. On the other hand though, when I take a bath I feel like I have great thoughts. So I wanted to share with you. Some of the things that I think about while I’m in the bathtub here is, thoughts from the bathtub.

I mean for starters who wears a full face of makeup into a bathtub, me. Its feels as weird as it looks.

Do you think you can bring a bath bomb on a plane, like would you get arrested for that? And if you did, do you think you could bring your bath bomb to jail with you.

I think the bad time to be a chameleon is when you’re being accused of doing blackface where isn’t Waldo?

If someone that plays the piano, is the pianist then why isn’t someone that plays a banjo abanjoist?

I’d like to have a profession that sound sexual but it isn’t, fun icebreaker.

Do FedEx guys sometimes leave a note without knocking because they are in a rush to get home to their package that’s coming, where someone is going to leave a note without knocking.

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Some people are really going to letting over the past, like we used to burn witches and homosexuals but neither of those groups have a problem going to Burning Man – pretty admirable.

Yeah, but what if T-Rexes had really long arms, I think we could solve a lot of this country’s economic problems by just selling the Louisiana purchase back, well think about it, pretty good idea.

I think we should adopt human echolocation where you scream at things to see how far away from them you are, where you’re also able to yell at things when they’re too close to you.

When batteries die they don’t go to heaven, because we haven’t been burying them. We’ve been doing them a great disservice.

I think one thing we can do to help the racial unrest in this country, is just to enable Helen Keller mode, where everyone is blindfold and deaf and has to talk to each other, through American shy language and touch each other and help each other. I think it might make everyone love and appreciate each other really quickly.

Why do we have names for all of our fingers that only two of our toes, big toe, pinky toe, what about the other three in the middle.

I think just one time; instead of electing a President we should try electing a presi-dentist, just a dentist that’s a President.

I thought tea was too heavy, so one time I drink a tea light and I brunt my face.

I feel bad for boats that are just boats, and not love boats who hurt you.

If black don’t crack, then why do we crack black pepper, shouldn’t we don’t crack black pepper.

Jesus is the only person that wants other people to get presents on his birthday. What a guy?

Why do you think my dog wants to be groomed, how do you know he doesn’t want to be brided or partnered, how dare you assume his sexuality.

Why do we curl our eyelashes, but never our eyebrows? It seems like discrimination we are the problem.

Disciplining kids is one of my favorite things to do. Gives me good practice for the next time when I want to go discipline kids.

When a fuck boy becomes a man, does he get a fuck mitzvah? And when he does become a man, what happens to them? Is someone is just going to have to care long enough to find out.

Bestiality is wrong unless it’s an animal humping a person and then everyone’s like ha-ha that animal is trying to get with her, it’s so dumb like, get a job first. Duh!

We only have human rights, because all of our lefts left us to go to left world, where all the scissors are backwards.

Why do we want to watch other have sex? It’s not like we want to watch each other at grocery shop or clean their house or go to sleep. Will wait, yeah we do.

Nightstands are really tired from never getting to sit down.

I think coasters just need a pep talk. If you’re just coasting through life, get out there and go, fulfill your dreams, you can do it.

Scarring people is fun because they deserve it.

Succulent sound like they need the most water though.

Candles are the only thing that smelt better when you burn them.

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Ants are good at team work but they are also good at team dying.

I don’t understand who got to decide which animals we were selectively breeding. I don’t think that dog should have been made smaller at all. I think that they should have been made bigger, so that we can ride them. And think of a giant Chihuahua, that is the most terrifying dog on the planet, and who decided that we weren’t making sloths smaller, I want a small sloth, I want a pocket sloth.

Well I would like to have been the first person to ever try garlic; I think that would be pretty cool. Hey, guys try this, its good right. You’re welcome.

A good rule for asking someone if they are pregnant is – Don’t Ever.

When I look into your eyes, I’m uncomfortable we have all of these laws protecting children and stuff, but like why isn’t just don’t pierce their ears until they can talk a thing.

Fish eat fish, that’s fucked up.

Why does Facebook still exist and how we can stop it.

Why do I even have Snapchat, if I just skip through everyone’s story.

Why can’t your knee caps also bend backwards and why aren’t we funneling tons of money into this.

Did you brush your dog’s teeth today; me either, sit with the guilt.

I think snorkeling would be fun, if you did it on your couch with the TV on.

Why did I even make this video, I don’t know.

So yeah, those are some of my thoughts from the bathtub as you can tell I’m really great at getting thoughts on in here.

Make sure you subscribe to my channel. I put out new videos every Wednesday/Thursday and I hope that you liked my thoughts.

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And maybe if you’re having trouble thinking of things just get in the bathtub and fill it up with with bubbles. And sweat it’s really hot in here, and I sweat off my makeup, which I shoudn’t of put on in the first place; but I couldn’t think of that, because I wasn’t in the bathtub while I put it on.

All right, I got to go. Bye.

Jenna Marbles Thoughts From A Bathtub

Jenna Marbles Thoughts From A Bathtub

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