Jenna Marbles Roast Yourself Challenge


Jenna Marbles Roast Yourself Challenge

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[Jenna Marbles Roast Yourself Challenge]

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[Jenna Nicole Mourey (Jenna Marbles):] Source:
I see you lurking, come on…

[Jenna Marbles:]
So this weeks video might be a little bit out of context if you don’t pay attention to the YouTube community. But last week Lord Ryan Higa invented a challenge where instead of roasting or making a diss track about other people, you roast yourself. And he challenged me to do the same; challenge accepted. And I know I kind of just roasted myself by watching my old videos but — but this is a little different so here is my roast yourself challenge:

It’s about to go down
We got beef
Yeah we do
You know, I don’t eat beef
But if I did
I would like it

Jenna Marbles
You were cool in 2012, The End
And whether or not you were cool
Was even questionable then
When people hear your name they say:
“Is she still around?”
“Blast from the past from like middle school”
“Her career’s in the Lost and Found”
Or in the garbage
Because you’re actual trash
You swear too much
You drink too much
No thank you, I’ll pass

Your voice is annoying
You videos are boring
You’re the only one that thinks you’re funny
The rest of us are snoring
Oh yeah?
You got a Masters Degree and don’t use it
You have to keep your clarinet
Locked in the closet
So you don’t lose it
Hey not cool man
Clarinets are easy to misplace
Especially when all I can look at
Is the nail mark on your face

It’s a scar
I guess that makes you Mufasa
Brother give me your hands
I swear I won’t toss ya

[What] the fuck was that a Lion King reference?
Can’t even trust you to not make it weird
For even one second
I’m not making it weird
You’re making it weird
Weird Weird Weird
Everything Is Glue


Don’t even get me started on your music
It’s the worst for sure
And please do the world a favor
Ya nasty
Get a manicure
Other YouTubers have
And books
And what did you make?
A podcast that sucks

You say you upload on Wednesdays
But you’re always a day late
You cry when you masturbate
I do not.
Yeah, well you should. You should start.
What does that even mean.

Your dogs are ugly
That one looks like a rat
And the other one
Oh my god is she fat
[Well] that one looks like
A hairy
It’s not even a dog
It doesn’t know how to sit

You’re not good enough at makeup
To be a beauty guru
Cuz if you were
It’d be funnier than what you do do

Oh hell no bitch

You couldn’t even really get the real
Twitter account for Jenna Marbles
Yours has an underscore in it
Yeah you should grow up and get a job
Yeah well Family Guy made fun of you
YouTube doesn’t love you enough to give you
A diamond play button
Yeah well you have a radio show
Because your face is better for radio
You suck at pranks
Your wax figure is more entertaining
Than you are
Where is your top lip
That’s fucked up
I watched you bite your own
Toenail the other day
Yeah well you have 16 million subscribers
And like maybe a million people will watch it

Your most popular video
Shows that you’re actually not good looking
At all
I have one thing to say to that
This beat sucks
Cuz you made it yourself
And your hair is

That was it, I hope I did it alright for you Ryan.
Here’s the list of YouTubers that I challenge.


Don’t even fuckin bother reading.

Make sure you subscribe to my channel, I put out new videos sometime in the middle of the week everyweek, see you guys next week, have a good week, for real though your hair is stupid, your hair is fuckin stupid.

Grow up!

Jenna Marbles Roast Yourself Challenge

Jenna Marbles Roast Yourself Challenge

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