Jenna Marbles – Looking With Your Face


Jenna Marbles – Looking With Your Face

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[Jenna Marbles – Looking With Your Face]

[Jenna N. Mourey (Jenna Marbles:] Source:
Why would you have a regular shirt, when you can have a rainbow shirt? You can’t out wrinkle me, so aggressive.

For any of you that know me, I hate people that suck. Hi, my name is Jenna, and I’m here to help you suck less.

I don’t know, somewhere within my top 10 things that I hate about other people is people that look with their whole face.

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I don’t think that they know that they can just look at things with their eyes. You can fucking look at things with your eyes, holy shit. I have to put my whole face in everything.

Like whenever they are looking at something, they look at it with their whole fucking face, and I hate you, and I can’t stand it. So I wanted to make a video showing people that like to look with their faces, what they look like, the answer is dumb.

Please stop looking with your face.

Did you get a new keyboard? Did you get a new plant? Oh, look at all these toys. Did you get a new bike? Is this [cycle] or bike? Hello dog. What do you mean [it contains] no milk? What kind of bread is this, smells so good. Hey hello, Spider Man. How are you doing? Oh, I like your poster, where did you get that? Oh, how much? Where did you get this? There is a spider in here. Hey, Sam, can you see him, he’s right there? Hello spider? Hello dog. I like this book. Oh, candy crush. Hello, somebody get some (inaudible). Yeah, it’s ham. Is this for heating? Mom, I’m so hungry. You guys moving? Is it cooking? Somebody didn’t do their dishes. Who is hungry?

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I look so good today. Oh, I think I found it. It’s right here. Look it’s right here. What are you guys watching? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? Oh, can I look at you. Do you see how obnoxious that is?

I can guarantee you that you know at least one person that does that all the time and they don’t know that they are doing it. I hope this video is a wake up call to some of you face lookers out there.

Oh, yeah, I realize that I look at things with my face and stop it said everyone, just use your eyes. And if you don’t have good eyesight, get some fucking glasses.

[Jenna Marbles:] Source:
Come on clean it up, and yes, I did hurt my face a couple of times, and worried about meow. I’m going to get on a plane to Australia. I’ll see you guys at [Vid inc.] race you to Australia, and make sure you subscribe to our channel, put out new videos every Wednesday. I can pet you as hard as I want. I think that had little bit too much caffeine. Is this [my] dog? Hello [my] dog. Oh, candy crush, oh my God. What do you mean it contains no milk….

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