Jenna Marbles – How Girls Get Dressed


Jenna Marbles – How Girls Get Dressed

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[Jenna Marbles – How Girls Get Dressed]


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It’s time to get dressed. Hey, cloth friends, oh, I have nothing to wear. What am I going to do? I can’t even find any clean underwear. I can only find one of every sock. Alright lets start with a shirt. Why can’t these just been even. This shirt smells like pee. Wonder who did that? You fuck face.

This shirt has deodorant all over it. White shirt? I’m way too messy to wear white. This shirt has fake tan all over it. This shirt is all ripped. I can’t wear this. I just wore it. Oops, I almost got nakey.

I love this shirt, Stephanie just got it. I hate Stephanie. I know what I’ll wear. My overalls is from seventh grade, yeah. Oh, I gave me a camel toe and a wedgie. This is the Ho-ass dress, I’ll just wear the kangaroo suite, this isn’t right.

All right, I’ll wear this tang top, and then wear something over it, like pants. These jeans are too small, these jeans are too big, these jeans suck. How about some clown leggings or space leggings. Or you can just get back in our jammies, and I guess I’ll just wear black leggings.

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What shoes am I going to wear? Shall I war heals? No. Fuck that shit. It’s not a Jesus Sandals day either. Oh I can wear my crocs, everyone hates my crocs, don’t worry crocs, I still love you.

I can’t wear my sneakers, cause I can’t find any socks. No, what about feet sweaters, too sweatery, I’ll just wear my flip-flops, I’m cold, I need something else, uh! I look like a librarian, books are due Thursday or I’ll kill you.

This is not a whole shirt, this shirt is too green, too purple, too red and tigery, way too leopardy, too what is this? Too little kid nightgowny. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes oh! it looks so good on you too. It’s not raining out, and it looks like it rolled out of the garbage.

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Look at me; I’m a man with a dick. Uh! I really got to get dressed, or I could go speed skating, get it off me, off. I’ll just wear unicorn blanket, where are all my good cloths? Oh yeah, they are dirty, guess I got to just wear the sweatshirt, same sweatshirt I wear everyday. Well I’m out of here, wait I need one more thing, and these, okay I’m ready.

Guess whose birthday was today, the meat what? Why are you looking at his dick? How old did you turn today? Five, oh! Sweetheart. (Inaudible) how you get dressed? He said I’m a man and I wear my man-ford all day everyday – Yeah, you have a great outfit, congratulations.

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Make sure you subscribe to our channel, we put out new videos every Wednesday, and sometimes it comes out on Thursday, sometimes I’ll just do this to your head, you’re like a magic crystal ball, except if you were a dog, ok. Maybe look at your little rocket oh! buddy yucky, it just got so weird, dicks, peppy. It means so crippy, don’t growl at me, no – no dicks right now. Hey! This video is over.

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