Jenna Marbles – Current Favorites And DIY’s


Jenna Marbles – Current Favorites And DIY’s

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[Jenna Marbles – Current Favorites And DIY’s]

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Copywritten music, I’m always putting copywritten music in my videos, I’m never getting in trouble for it. HAHA – Copywritten music.

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. So super duper, highly requested on my last video for I need to do current favorites and simple DIY video this week.

I know most of you are on a budget — aren’t we all, but like especially you.

So I’m going to show you how to make some easy things and also my current favorites. So just keep watching, I know that you’re already watching, but just keep watching. Like you’re watching right now, but just keep watching.

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So, since the weather is getting warmer, my new current favorite is this cute easy updo that literally takes minutes to do and is perfect for a girl and the gal.

All you’re going to need is these virgin $12,000 dollar hair extensions, a teasing comb, dry shampoo, hair spray, beach hair spray, hair brush, coconut oil, moroccan oil, volumizing mousse, pomade, hair ties, a clip, your hands and a smile.

So first, you’re going to coat your hair with some of the products, and then brush it, and then put in the oils, and spray it with dry shampoo and beach spray and then curl your hair section by section. And it’s okay, if it’s not like super curly you just want like the essence of curl. And then you’re going to teasing comb and your gonna tease up all your hair and then set it with hair spray. And then you’re going to take your extensions one by one. Oh my god, I’m such a nerd. And you’re going to section off your hair and you’re going to clip each extension in upside down. And you’re going to keep doing that all over your entire head because $12,000 get you an off lot of fucking hair so you better put it all in your head.

Now tease the top of the head and set it with hairspray. Now we’re going to clip up the top part of your hair and then you put the rest of your hair in messy band. And just put some loose strands and wollah! A beautiful carefree updo that literally took you just minutes, so perfect for every day.

Now you could just stop there you basic bitch. I wanted to accessorize it a little bit more.

So I paired it with solid gold headband, but they don’t sell in stores, you can’t find it anywhere, I’m sure you could use like rope or something and kept things simple with these diamond Tiffany earrings. You can get them at like your local Tiffany’s, they are like corners of like places.

My current makeup obsession has been like no makeup whatsoever at all, except for this $100 bronzer that you can’t even buy anywhere but oh my god, it is to die for it, look like how perfect this looks. It’s amazing and there you go. Those are my current favorites for my hair and makeup. I absolutely love this look. It’s so simple and casual you can do it every single day, just completely obsessed.

Let’s move on to easy DIY’s. So basically the whole world right now is going to giant drought. So what better DIY, than to make your own water. It’s so easy.

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First you are going to take a big glass craft and fill it up with water. Then heat up a pot and then pour the water into the pot. Then gently whisk the water, and then use a masher to mash the water, heat until boil. Then transfer the boiling water into a glass bowl. Put the bowl in the microwave for two minutes and then take the bowl out. Fill the shallow pan with truffle oil. Put the water into the pan and then bake for three minutes, take the water out and then transfer into a tupperware container. Put the tupperware container in the freezer, go to sleep, no seriously I’m sleeping.

Wake-up the next morning, take your tupperware out of the freezer and wollah, fresh, delicious, homemade water that saves the planet.

My next simple DIY for summer is to make your own Bikini. Bikini’s could be expensive, so don’t pay that, make your own. All you’re going to need is one new bikini top and a brand new t-shirt I just bought to cut up. Cut out new fabric for the top and just hot glue into place. You don’t even need that much hot glue because hot glue is waterproof, so it stays really well. Then just get some paint and just paint on a brand new design. The design I choose is blobs, then just dab a little more hot glue and you can start adding accessories, like this chain. Then just cover the whole thing in hot glue. Then just keep adding whatever accessories you want on top of it. Then hit them with a hammer and there you have it. Your very own homemade bikini it’s like way cuter and cooler than like any store bought bikini ever, and it’s amazing and perfect.

And for my last huge DIY I went to the store and I got a ton of wood. Oh my god, like so much wood – it’s like, so heavy. And this old door and I sanded down the wood and then I stained the wood and then I hammered it all together and then I drilled it all together and wollah! This gorgeous dining room table that I made all by myself. I know it might look hard, but I promise you, it’s like super cheap and easy, it’s perfect. So there you guys have it, my current favorites and some simple DIY’s that you guys can do at home.

Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Alright. I’ll see you next time bye…

Hi my name is Jenna and I need to go to troll rehab because, I can’t stop trolling, true life I can’t stop trolling. No disrespect for the DIY, [ ] or style or beauty community. Just like to troll a little bit and though also really though, I was watching some DIYs, I was like I can’t do any of that.

I don’t know what you’re talking about – I can’t do any of that. So I just made a video that I think should exist. It’s just – you know – my fucking favorites and some DIYs.

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Maybe its just me, maybe I’m the only one that can’t do this shit, but fuck man. I’m gonna just – I can’t stop trolling and I think I need help just the first step in getting help is admitting that you have a problem, I have problem with trolling.

Alright make sure you subscribe to our channel, we put of videos every Wednesday’s — / Thursday / come on – you know when I’m gonna upload it. Sometime in there, okay. Just between Wednesday and Thursday, not Tuesday and not Friday.

Sam page, alright, I mean now that my hair is like super fleet and like did-up I look really hot. I’m going to go, be hot, because I’m just so hot.

Alright see you guys next week. Bye, friends, Peachy you wanna say goodbye.


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Bye guys. They’re saying bye.

Bye, bye.

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Jenna Marbles - Current Favorites And DIY's

Jenna Marbles – Current Favorites And DIY’s

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Jenna Marbles – Current Favorites And DIY’s. So there you guys have it, my current favorites and some simple DIY’s that you guys can do at home. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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