Jeffrey Marsh What Is Gender Fluid


Jeffrey Marsh What Is Gender Fluid

Jeffrey Marsh You Don't Need To Decide Your Gender

Jeffrey Marsh You Don’t Need To Decide Your Gender

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[Jeffrey Marsh What Is Gender Fluid]

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Hello, I’m Jeffrey Marsh and I’m a Vine Superstar… I have 150 million views on Vine. And I’m going to talk to you today about being genderqueer. Here’s what you need to know; gender fluid, gender, whatever. Here’s what you need to know.

You don’t need to decide your gender. You don’t need to decide who you are.

When I was 18 my father and I had an interesting conversation. I had just come out for real to every single person, right I told some people before that.

But when I was 18 I decided everybody senior in high school everybody needs to know, told everyone. And I also shaved my legs for the first time. And if you’ve seen my Vine’s you’ve seen me dancing and kicking up, my heels on Vine with beautiful gorgeous smooth legs.

Well, when I was 18 was the first time I did it.

I came down from taking a shower and shaving – I shaved the whole way up to my armpits. In the shower it took a long time that first time.

And I came downstairs you know I wearing shorts. And my dad said what’s up? What are those, what you do to your legs? And I said, I shaved my legs. I was feeling defiant.

And he said, you can’t do that what will the neighbors think that’s not – that’s not what boys do. And I said I’m me. I shaved these legs because I want to. And then he started yelling at me and I started yelling back. And we were yelling, yelling, yelling, yelling, yelling. And the whole thing escalated to violence. [pause]

I don’t want you to ever be in that same situation.

I knew then as has become even clearer as the years have come by. I don’t need to choose a gender and I don’t need to fight for whatever it is in my life that I’m choosing.

I don’t ever need to be aggressive.

I don’t ever need to convince.

I don’t ever need to argue.

I know deeply within my bones, who I am. And that I who I am is somewhere in between or outside of or with both men and women.

I’m a human being and I think we are all to some degree between, around, above man and woman.

We’re all, we’re all all over the place because we’re all human beings.

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Jeffrey Marsh I’m Me

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