Jefferson Bethke – The Intimacy Of God


Jefferson Bethke – The Intimacy Of God

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[Jefferson Bethke – The Intimacy Of God]

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Jefferson Bethke: There’s this phrase that constantly pops out when you read the scripture. That says something to the extent of ‘I will be their God and they will be my people’. And there’s this theme from ‘Genesis revelation’ of God’s heart wanting to be with us to, dwell with us, and to be our God. And you see that when you zoom out all the way throughout – even in the Old Testament where you see God dwelling in a temple, dwelling in the tabernacle which then turns into the temple.

And there’s this vulnerability to God where he’s the infinite creator of the universe, but because his goal is to dwell with us, he’s willing to make himself a vulnerable to brick-and-mortar into a building simply so that he could get his goal. And you would think that the creator of the universe dwelling with us would gain our obedience, but instead if you read ‘The Old Testament’, the Israelites were nothing but idolaters. They were worshiping everything except God. They wanted to craft Gods so that they could make with their own hands not the one that was uncontrollable Yahweh.

And so even throughout that though God constantly, relentlessly pursues them and goes after them. And after hundreds of years he finally gets the point where he says, ‘my goal is still to dwell with my people’, instead of retreating I’m actually going to go deeper. And there’s this little period of silence and then Jesus shows up on the scene and in John chapter 1. It says the word became flesh and dwelt among us, that word dwell in Greek literally can mean ‘tabernacle’. So it’s saying the Jesus tabernacled among us, or Jesus pitched his tent with us.

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And so God constantly is coming down farther and farther making himself more and more vulnerable to the point where he now walks among us. He now is hungry, tired, he’s sad, he can be happy, he grieves, he cries, and there’s God is now one of us. And you would think again that with him walking among us, that we would then bow down and worship him like he rightfully deserves. But instead it says that he came to his people and his people knew him not to the extent where we actually kill him. We crucify him and put him on the cross, and say we don’t want you here.

You would think at that point God would finally say and snap his fingers and say, fine, it’s all over, I want nothing to do with you guys anymore, see you later. This has only caused pain, grief, hurt and ache, but no, no, instead he’s says no, no – my goal is still the same. My goal is to dwell with my people. So he resurrects in new life and then he says he actually sends his spirit to dwell in us. I mean it doesn’t give much more vulnerable than that. The God is now dwelling in us. He says we can quench the very spirit of God.

And so it’s almost as if the scriptures, is this stairway down from heaven of God getting closer and closer and closer to be with his people. It even says in revelation that we don’t need a temple because he becomes our very dwelling place. And there’s this promise in Isaiah 11 I believe that actually promises of the end times when everything is fully restored and renewed.

It says that at the end of time, God’s glory will cover the earth the way the waters cover the sea. And it’s kind of a cute and kind of an acquaint verse, but when you really think about its kind of weird, right? I mean like, water doesn’t cover the sea, water is the sea. I mean, if you try to go and take out the water from the sea, you just took out the sea also, right? And what I think God is trying to say there is that his glory at the end of time he will get his goal so much it will be so linked with earth and with us, they’ll be so close together that you actually can’t separate the two. If you pull one out, you’ll pull the other one out as well.

And so God’s glory will cover the earth the way the waters cover the sea.

So the question is, is that the finish line for us? Because that’s where God’s going so is our life on that trajectory.

Do you see the scripture primarily as something that you have to earn for God?

Or a ladder you have to climb in obedience to God?

Or do you see the scripture primarily about a god who was making himself vulnerable to dwell with his people.

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Jefferson Bethke - The Intimacy Of God

Jefferson Bethke – The Intimacy Of God

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