Jefferson Bethke Getting Arrested Target & The Grace Of God


Jefferson Bethke Getting Arrested Target & The Grace Of God

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[Jefferson Bethke Getting Arrested Target & The Grace Of God]


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It was almost 11 years ago now but I still remember the moment to this day I was 15, didn’t have my license, was driving with another friend of mine who did to a high school basketball game just to watch some of our friends play. And we went to Target beforehand because we had more time to kind of waste and kill. And I remember just going in, like I had before actually a lot, I think, for the past couple of years at that point and grabbing a couple CD’s, unwrapping them, taking them in the bathroom, putting them in my shirt, and my pants and then basically just heading out back to the car.

But little that I know that Target has people in plain clothes on their security team and we were being watched the whole time. And he’d already called the cops. And I still remember the moment of just fear striking in me when we got back in the car and I just heard the screech and all of a sudden I saw these blue and red lights, and we look behind us and there was basically a cop car blocking us in. So we can’t pull away.

I remember them pulling us out of the car, kind of putting us on the ground, putting handcuffs on us.


And man even just recounting and I still can kind of remember that, that fear that was in me just instantly of oh my goodness like we’re getting arrested because of what we just did. And also even looking back and realizing it was five CDs it was something like that.


I think to this day the thing I remember most is just a fear of, in that moment I haven’t had much tangible sharp moments of, wow the decisions I’m making are probably not the best. It was kind of this moment where it finally hit me up, man me as the king of my own life, me making these decisions where I think I know what’s right; do whatever I want with no ramifications, finally hit me right in the face and said, no it does.


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It does have those ramifications. And I think the biggest lesson that I learned which is interesting looking back on it now too is because the fear was so strong I stopped for like a long time I never wanted to do that again, I promised myself I never would, but it only took about a year until that kind of wore off.


The fear wore off and I started doing it again maybe even to some degree worse. And it wasn’t till I started following Jesus at 19 – that I really started to see man sometimes we project that exact kind of dichotomy right there on God, right. Like – like so many of us are motivated to do things for God, or obedience, or to, you know, live the Christian life properly, simply based out of fear. Simply based out of I’m going to not do this because I might get a lighting bolt thrown down on me or you know, kind of the cartoon character of god or that you know he might snap his fingers and I’m gone or whatever it is.


When in reality, not only does that not produce lasting obedience that doesn’t bring joy to the father, right. And what I mean by that is something motivated by fear doesn’t even produce what you’re trying to produce good, lasting obedience because it’s just kind of like meeting a parent now I see it right where it’s kind of the – the kid won’t do something when I’m in the room but when dad leaves the room then they kind of totally act different. And I think that’s a lot of times how we think about God, because he’s watching us or if I feel that then I’m not going to do it. But when we don’t feel like that then we don’t.


And – but what God is really looking after and looking for his children who follow Him because they realize that His way is the right way and it actually brings shalom. Where the whole world is operating rightly when we follow His way, when we follow Jesus it’s what it means to be truly human to actually follow the truly human and the truly God one Jesus, God in the flesh.


And I think that’s what I learned that day that man if I actually want to change my behavior, if I actually want to live rightly it’s really gotta come from a place of realizing that God actually is not waiting to throw a lightning bolt down on me, but He actually sees me and He says, I love you and I want to lead you to the path of joy.

You know, in John chapter 10 Jesus says, I want to bring life. Some translations even says I want to bring you the life abundantly. Like Jesus wants to give us the full life, what it’s for, where we find joy and all those different things. And too many times we settle for the kiddie pool of being motivated by fear or false legalistic religion, when God says I’m a father, I want to know you and I want you to walk with me.


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Hey guys, thanks for watching. That story was really special to share and I wanted to for a few reasons. And one, just because it’s one of the most full-circle moments I’ve ever had in my life. Getting arrested at Target at 15 and now my new book it’s not what you think is on shelves at Target at 26. Well 11 years later to have a book where I talk about God’s grace, the scripture of my story, when that really Target has such that memory is kind of crazy.

And so to celebrate we really want to just hook you guys up with basically every digital thing that I own or I have ever written. So we’re giving away four, I think, digital things a brand new devotional two or three e-books, you get my spoken word album for free, all of that stuff. If you just go buy the book at Target, and submit the receipt or the screen capture, and e-mail it to, it’s really easy. I’ll put links down there too just in case you forget.

And also Target price matches Amazon’s so it $17 a Target. Take it up front and it becomes $10 if you ask them to price match. Pretty awesome and we just wanted to celebrate kind of that again that full-circle moment of grace. And so if you guys do that we want to bless you with those things.

So thanks for watching you guys are awesome.

Jefferson Bethke Getting Arrested Target & The Grace Of God

Jefferson Bethke Getting Arrested Target & The Grace Of God

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