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JCPenney – BraFitVideo

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when it fits, you feel it

Does your bra make you happy? Discover your feel good fit by checking common problem areas, and using our simple bra size calculator. Let’s start with the straps. They should be comfortable and stay in place. If they dig, they are doing too much heavy lifting and you may need a smaller band size.

If you find it riding up your back or you can easily put two fingers under it, your band maybe too big. Next check the fit of your band. Make sure it sits below your shoulder blades. When your bra cup fits, it should provide lift. If the cup doesn’t lay flat and you see gaping, you need a smaller size. If the edge of the cup digs or you have overflow or bulging, you need a larger size or a style with more coverage.

Now to determine if you are wearing the right bra size, use a soft measuring tape and our easy bra size calculator.

The first step is finding your band size. Start by wearing an unpadded bra, standing straight, exhale — and wrap the measuring tape around your back, overlapping your bra band. Bring the tape under your arms and just above your bust or where your bra strap connects to the bra cup. Make sure the tape is level and snug. If your measurement ends in a fraction, round up or down to the nearest inch. Enter your number into the bra size calculator.

Next find your bust size. Wrap the tap measure around your body to the center and fullest part of your bust. The tape measure should be snug, but not too tight and level. If your measurement ends in a fraction, round up or down to the nearest inch. Enter your number and our bra size calculator will automatically give you your bra size. Results may vary depending on your body type and bra style. With so many great styles and options at JCPenney, you are sure to find a fit that helps you look and feel your best.


JCPenney - BraFitVideo

JCPenney – BraFitVideo

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