Jason McElwain Autistic Basketball Assistant


Jason McElwain Autistic Basketball Assistant

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[Jason McElwain Autistic Basketball Assistant]

[Steve Hartman:] Source: LYBIO.net
Greece Athena high school Rochester New York has a new most unlikely hero, a special-ed student by the name of Jason McElwain.

Just keep it going.

[Steve Hartman:] Jason is the basketball team manager. For the past couple years he’s been assisting Coach Jimmy Johnson with whatever the team needs.

Ready and go.

[Jason McElwain:] I get them motivated, and I hand out water, and get them enthusiastic.

[Steve Hartman:] Enthusiastic to say the least. Despite being born with autism, Jason’s father says he’s never had a problem expressing himself at basketball games.

[Jason McElwain (Father):]You know, I was always concerned that he might get it technical and they would lose the game because he, you know, start yelling or whatever.

[Jason McElwain:] Let’s have a hard practice more, all hour and a half. Let’s get ready for Arcadia, let’s go.

One, two, three, two.

[Steve Hartman:] Because he has been so devoted to the team, for the last game of the season Coach Johnson decided to let Jason actually suit-up. Not to play necessarily, just to let him feel what it’s like to wear a jersey. At least that was the plan, but with four minutes to go in last week’s game Coach Johnson stood up and pointed to number 52, Jason Mcelwain.

After years of fetching water, and toweling off other people’s sweat, Jason was actually in a game. His first shot was a 20-footer from the right baseline.

Was it close, did you almost make it?

[Jason McElwain:] I just – I just air balled it.

I’m like just, Dear God, please just let’s get him a basket.

[Steve Hartman:] His second shot missed too, but the third was a charm. A 3-point no-doubter. And Jason wasn’t done yet. Not by a long shot.

If I wasn’t there to witness it, I wouldn’t have believed it, you know.

You caught fire.

[Jason McElwain:] I just caught fire, I was hot as a pistol.

[Steve Hartman:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Jason ended up shooting six 3-pointers, one right after the other. He had 20 points total. And each time a shot went in, his teammates and the crowd went a little crazier. His last basket, right at the buzzer, created total mayhem. Because he is autistic, Jason says he is used to feeling different. But never this different, never this wonderful.

Steve Hartman, CBS News, Rochester, New York.

Jason McElwain Autistic Basketball Assistant

Jason McElwain Autistic Basketball Assistant

Jason McElwain Autistic Basketball Assistant. Jason says he is used to feeling different. But never this different, never this wonderful. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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