Jase Smithyman Wingless Intro


Jase Smithyman Wingless Intro

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[Jase Smithyman Wingless Intro]

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Okay, so my name is Jase Smithyman. I am 25 and I’m from Auckland, New Zealand and I am physically disabled. I was born without arms. And a lot of my friends have sort of wondered ‘How I do things’ and even today my brother said “You need to make a YouTube Channel” showing just you doing your everyday stuff ’cause a lot of people would find it interesting. I have a bit of rational fear of cameras so this is kind of a big step for me. But I think I’m going to go ahead and do it. Well, I am doing it, obviously. Um, so. I think that the first thing I’m going to do is probably upload a ‘shaving video’ sometime next week. Because I got a GoPro now or I have access to a GoPro so, I’m going to GoPro myself shaving which very few people actually ever see me do.

So this is going to be really really interesting… for me as a learning curve and I guess if you are interested subscribe or watch or – whatever you do, just have a good time, I guess.

[Jase Smithyman:] Source: LYBIO.net
Um, that’s all I really have to say, like I said: Pretty nervous about this whole thing because I mean, I just do things in my own way. Like, people, always say: “Oh, you’re so amazing.” And all that random miscellaneous blow smoke up [arse] sort of stuff. But it’s just me doing things in my own personal preferences and the way I’ve learnt how to adapt to every situation. So I guess that – if you find it interesting then yes, please subscribe, if you don’t then I don’t know really why you’re on my page.

[Jase Smithyman:]
Um… also feel free to ask questions, if you are interested and tell me what you guys want to see, um, I’m a music producer by trade, so I might take you into work with me or I might play some instruments or I think I’m going to go like real basic at the start like: ‘making a sandwich’ and you know, obviously ‘shaving’ which is like a sort of every couple of days, sort of task. I don’t know about um, yeah… I hope that you enjoy and you come on this journey with me. So thanks bye. And I can’t get my camera to stop.

Jase Smithyman Wingless Intro

Jase Smithyman Wingless Intro

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