Jared Milton – Official Warning To Justin Bieber Haters


Jared Milton – Official Warning To Justin Bieber Haters

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[Jared Milton – Official Warning To Justin Bieber Haters]


[Jared Milton] Source: LYBIO.net
Hello, idiots, hello retards of the internet. This is my official warning of to all the haters of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and myself. Since March you probably have realized the amount of hate Justin Bieber and I have been getting. I have made video’s about where I like discuss how we must stop this umm, make a protest peacefully, I have did absolutely nothing wrong, I haven’t threatened, I haven’t, I haven’t offended anyone, and that stops right now.

[Jared Milton]
It is 1 o’clock. It’s going on for 1 o’clock UK time, the 5th of July 2011 AM. And ah, this is my warning. My official warning ah, anyone who continues will – this will apply to them. I have had a recent contact with the C.I.A., F.B.I. and secret services all throughout Europe, Asia, America and Australia, I’ve been contacting them and they said it was perfectly fine what I did, so I went along. Anyone who hates, sends images, oh, I know these images where they write on it and make fun of you, ahhmm, ah, what is it, they said, ahhh, they said recording, websites, hate pages, ah, what they said was that: “I have a right to submit your name, submit your I.P. address. Submit all your details after, people from around the world hack you”. Check for your web-cam. See who you are exactly, aah, they have given me the right to post your information on my website, which will be up and running soon, by the end of August two thousand ah eleven, they have given me [inaudible] approximately 8, 9 weeks, they have given me full permission to submit your information to them and you will be tried as an adult in-front of a judge, a jury, and possible, will be prosecuted, you can be in jail from up to 6 months, and you can probably use lose your internet privileges and I just wanna point out that, I have – I, my dad, my friends, myself, know how to hack, we know how to trace you, we know how to get your information, and we aren’t going to go quietly here.

[Jared Milton] Source: LYBIO.net
I’ve been talking to a few Justin Bieber fans, I’ve been talking about how they have been getting hated. I know how, I know the pain, I have been there. This must stop. We must kill these haters, these haters don’t deserve to be on the internet, they must die. Well not die, but they must allowed on the internet because, up here(brain), up here, they are idiots, they don’t realize what they are doing, how they are hurting us and I for one, I don’t know about everyone else, but, I for one have been – I have been so – so [inaudible] since February, it’s just been so hard, and that’s why I’m threatening you, and I have the right to do so, ahh.

[Jared Milton]
I’ve got a brother whose in Law, it is illegal to do this, yes, people are gonna sue, sue in your opinion, my brother has worked for 5 years, so if you – if you don’t like it, look it up b^tch! Ok. He told me that, it’s illegal to spread hate around the internet, its’ illegal to spread images without my permission, and that’s why I am taking legal action, and that is, I have connections to the Kardashians. I have connections to lawyers, connections to – to the cyber-police, the internet, I’ve got connections to Microsoft, my dad. I’ve got connections to the C.I.A. the F.B.I. and they have given me full right and this is my official warning, and if this continues, I will be allowed to take action, and you can hate all you want because every single person who dislikes, hates this video – you will be hacked.

[Jared Milton] Source: LYBIO.net
No point spreading me on these websites, you will be hacked and I will say that, just for all those people, who were harmed, all the Justin Bieber fans, or any of my fans who were hurted in the past March, who have been hurted, who have been left sure off from what they were, you will, you will have justice and I am, I am the back bone in our society – this will end. I love you so much, Justin Bieber haters you are now officially f&cked! You’re f&cked! So peace mutherf&ck^n losers, ok, okay, goodbye.

Jared Milton – Official Warning To Justin Bieber Haters. I’ve got connections to Microsoft, my dad. I’ve got connections to the C.I.A. the F.B.I. and they have given me full right and this is my official warning. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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August 6, 2011

Amanda Lin @ 4:06 am #

Since when has it been illegall to hate someone? Plus, it’s not like we’re hacking you cos we don’t like. Honestly, I don;’t like Bieber but some of my friends are Bieber fans and it’s something I learn to put up with, you should learn to put up with us, for goodness sake, you’re being so childish.

August 24, 2011

fuku @ 1:12 pm #

no u do not

fuku @ 1:13 pm #

not legal

fuku @ 1:23 pm #

ur gonna get arrested if u hack anyone.
1. its illegal
2. the cia and fbi are american, not unided kingdom… pwned.
3. its legal to hate. its the fans u should worrying about. there redemting…
like this one time… there was a person who wrote “not a fan” on a justin beiber vid. so a girl decided to say, “NOT A FAN!?!?! NOT A FAN!?!?! WHY R U HERE,’NOT A FAN’!?!?!?!?!” oh and also… she flagged a bunch of coments as spam saying stuff like faggot, burn in hell, lay in a hole and die. concider this ur wakeup call… btw… dont pretend u dont troll… those vids really piss people off… remember this.

fuku @ 1:23 pm #

oh and good point Amanda Lin.

fuku @ 1:25 pm #

Wake up jared milton

fuku @ 1:25 pm #

its gotta stop.

fuku @ 1:26 pm #

oh yeah… u cannot get us killed… u are such a child… amature

fuku @ 1:28 pm #

justim beiber revaluion got me thinking… wow…

Don'thaveawebcam @ 8:48 pm #

I feel like you are over reacting. I don’t hate Justin Bieber, but I don’t like him either. Saying people who don’t like him should be revoked of their internet privileges, sued and sent to jail is cruel and unusual. I don’t know why you’re acting like this, please, calm down and think before you speak. You’re scaring people, innocent people. My sister watches/follows you. She’s scared. REALLY scared. Please, for the sake of innocent people and people who really, have nothing illegal against them, calm down.

I’m not trying to pick a fight, no, I really just want you to know that sueing every person who hurts you and discriminates you isn’t going to do anything for you. So after 6 months of prison for ‘spreading hate’, then they get out and truly HATE you. So you want to take away people’s sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters? I don’t find that fair. Please, I’m asking you nicely, calm down a bit. Okay?

August 25, 2011

Nostalgia Ninja @ 12:18 pm #

One question… How are you, a hacker, going to speak to the FBI and the CIA about something that is wrong (i.o.w how are you willing to do a wrong to eliminate a wrong?)? Also, consider worldwide laws, for example, South Africa has a right to the freedom of speech, as long as that freedom of speech is respected, all is good and well. I have converse with LAW students out there saying that whatever you are saying is hogwash and illegal. Chill and ignore the haters.

August 26, 2011

bobo @ 3:33 pm #

people say justen beiber is gay but i do kind of think that cuz i whent to this website and it showed jb wearing panteis

bobo @ 3:42 pm #

but my sis is a fan and my cuzent

bobo @ 3:46 pm #

amanda lin shut yo mouth

bobo @ 6:56 pm #


October 2, 2011

Fuck You Jared Milton @ 7:32 am #

Fuck u Jared Milton. U can SMD. Your just an insecure, pussy, emo faggot. Lady Gaga has a penis, Demi Lovato is a slut, and Justin Beaver is a fucking pussy ass piece of shit homo. Connections?? Bullshit. UMadBro?

Theranter @ 9:39 am #

Look I love lady gaga, Demi lovato, and selena Gomez…but jb is not ok….I mean I am open to all types of music but when I listened to his songs I just want to rip my ears off. FBI and cia are in the states not uk…this is wut u signed up for when u decided to upload a video…it is ur own Fault for posting up videos like this…so think before u post something..I swear u are the most ignorant person in the world

daija @ 9:57 am #

does any one no his number?

Peace @ 8:10 pm #

@daija: I agree with you. But maybe the devil will call him! Why r people mean!

November 23, 2011

Kosovo is serbia suckahss!! :D @ 2:48 am #

This guy is Illegal and Communist and just such an immature kid.
Saying that he will ‘hack,’ ‘kill,’ and ‘sue’ people is just stupid. And please!!.. no one is going to listen to you, all you’re going to recieve is tons and tons of hate like you are getting at this moment. There is more people that hate you than like you, please realize that and stop making these videos.

Your making stuff up and it’s just soo, soooo bloody obvious that its not true. Okay. So, your brother’s a lawyer (he’s been for 5 years. okay.) – that’s perfectly fine. But then you say you’re gonna hack people. Hacking is ILLEGAL and so is killing and suing for stupid reasons (in this case- Justin Bieber haters). Your points are pure stupidity and I don’t know if anyone’s paying you to do this? Or maybe you’re trying to just get internet fame and attention. Cut it out, please!! Everyone hates you and its just so obivious now!

@_@ @ 2:55 am #

You’re fucking going on TV!! Seriously bro!! EVERYONE hates you!! Realise that for once and for all!
My dad saw you in the news and on TV and he also thinks there’s something mentally wrong with you!! Just cut it out!! you’re turning into some clone of eric douglace and he regretted it soo much after starting ‘the war against justin bieber haters.’

December 29, 2011

lo @ 6:30 am #

fuk u and fuk ur dad and fuk justin

February 20, 2012

fugitive batman @ 9:18 am #

nostalgia ninja is right, two wrongs dont make a right. BTW isn’t calling people retarded and idiots bullying. So you need to calm down.

fugitive batman @ 9:20 am #

I called justin bieber gay and he slapped me with his purse!!!

$ @ 9:21 am #

Good one!!! :)

March 14, 2012

matt @ 3:49 pm #

wow Jared i watched your youtube view hilarious oh and i am a hater of Justin and you now congrats now you have like over 9000 haters

April 26, 2012

Utchok rajagukguk @ 11:02 am #


April 30, 2012

Wize guy @ 5:16 pm #

Jared u need to go to sum kind of mental hospital ur crazy ur fat and ur gay calm down and face the facts in reality more people actualy like jb then hate him and most that hate him r jus jealous. I’m no jb fan bt ur makin every thing worse than it was before infact ur probly the reason everyone is leavin hate coments to justin just to get u wound up jus stop being a spaz and get a life.

May 7, 2012

crash man6 @ 1:09 pm #

jared 1st you cant harm a fly 2nd you havnt got connections to any 1 because you would be able 2 if i asked the police to back me up they would say NO because it wastes time and is stupid 4 u hav no connections to the Kardashians because they hav notin 2 do with it and 5 it is not illeagle 2 hate so every 1 must like girls things NO life aint always paradise city were the grass is green. people change u need to realise that keep it in mind!!!!!

May 11, 2012

HateJarodMilton @ 10:31 pm #

Really?!?!? Your that stupid. Your saying that making jokes about some truly crappy singer is against the law while you say hacking our websites, youtube, accounts and even killing us is perfectly fine… You’ve been crying so loud in your videos even RayWilliamJohnson heard you! I don’t know why your taking this so seriously! clearly you have some mental/emotional problems because you can’t even blink and you cry for about 5 min. after every single sentence you say. You wonder why your getting prank calls… BECAUSE PEOPLE THINK YOUR A JOKE. You can’t start a “revolution” because you keep having an emotional break down. You can’t kill us, you can’t arrest us, you can’t hack us, you can’t post our “information” you cant do s****. You know why, BECAUSE ITS AGAINST THE LAW AND IF YOU DO WE WILL BREAK DOWN YOUR DOOR AND BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU! Jeeze! Lay off on the cocaine man. Its driving you insane. So what i recommend you do is you shut up, and go cry your self to sleep for the rest of your pitiful life.

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