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James Galyon Saving My Penny

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[James Galyon Saving My Penny]

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Hi, there. I’m James Galyon and I’m married to a beautiful girl for the last 38 years; her name is Penny. And uh…been trying to do this little fundraiser, I’ve been…Actually called it ‘Saving My Penny’, which is want I’m trying to do.

Now, I love her with all my heart, uh…and she’s really ill right now, and I got really – I noticed that a lot of people have friends, relatives make videos for ’em stuff but we don’t have any friends or relatives to make the videos so I’m having to make this.

Uh…I stay home 24/7 pretty much because her diabetes is so out of control that she’s either passing out or throwing up from hour to hour.

Without insulin she’ll die. Uh…the only reason we have insulin is because I have been finding you know Craigslist uh…because for the last five years we’ve had no insurance to see doctors to get the prescriptions she needs.

She’s been without all of her other prescriptions for years, uh…she lost part of her eyesight because she ran out of her glaucoma medication, we recently got that medicine back [cause] through a doctor who donated it for free – thank goodness for him.

Uh…but uh…now…two weeks ago she ran out of insulin and uh…only at the last second did I find a loop hole in that silly ‘ole Obamacare we’ve been forced to take for the last year. And uh…we can’t go to doctors cause we can’t afford the deductible but there was a free physical that you could take; we went to the – we went to the office they said: ‘yeah, you get all these problems with you’, but wouldn’t write us a prescription for insulin and I kind of pressed the point that my wife would be dead within two days if you didn’t give her some insulin so, one of the nurses was nice enough to go to the back and get us a free bottle. So we are good to go for another few weeks but uh…right now we really got nothing left to survive on, I mean: honestly there’s nothing left, not a cent in my wallet. I found a few quarters a while ago, I’m like: “Oh, what can I use these for?”

[James Galyon:] Source: LYBIO.net
But uh…I could really use your help…uh…not sure exactly what I need to do next uh…been trying to find a job, I could work at home, tried a few things, nothing at all turned out to be an legitimate thing that earned money. You just kind of took the little we had.

So if you have something I could do for you… uh…I could use a computer…something I could do from the house…cause I have to stay with her 24/7, if I leave her for more than maybe 1 or 2 hours at a time, she literally can and will die.

In fact, she actually, already has been in a coma twice. Once she actually died and when she came back she said she was ‘in a place of perfect peace and perfect love’. So uh…you know…we really…I really would like to keep her around. I love her. I want to have her around for another 38 years so, if you could help up, I appreciate it, we only lose if we quit trying. And I will never quit trying as long as I breathe, I will never quit trying. So, please help out if you can, thank you very much, you have a nice day.

James Galyon Saving My Penny

James Galyon Saving My Penny

James Galyon:
Please PayPal SavingMyPenny@att.net
Telephone: 281-463-1302

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