Jacques Pepin How To Chop Garlic


Jacques Pepin How To Chop Garlic

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[Jacques Pepin How To Chop Garlic]

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A whole head of garlic, garlic is the gold of the cook. And a whole head of garlic, sometime I put the whole head around the chicken. And you’ll be surprised if I smell the head of garlic like that, it doesn’t smell like anything. I separate the clove, all that cooks around the chicken, you suck the flesh out of it, it very mild. By the time, I take the skin out of it, slice it, it stronger. By the time I crush into a puree that I’m going to do that becomes very, very strong. You can make that with a mayonnaise like aïoli, [indiscernible] in the South of France and that one clove of garlic is going to be stronger than the whole head, when they fuse a rope. So depending the way you use garlic is different.

Now to separate your clove, put it a bit on the side with the palm of your hand, hit it like this that should separate all of those cloves here, especially when the garlic is relatively dry. There is different type of garlic on the market.

Now, if you want to peel the garlic, you want to take the stem out of it, the stem is right there. And want to take that stem whether you peel it, before you peel it or after you peel it. I will do it before I peel it because if I do it before I peel it, when I crush it a little bit like this, the skin will release very easily, see, because I have taken the stem out of it. Again, I crush it a little bit and it release. That’s it.

Now, if I use that garlic into very thin slice like this, I can sauté that, I can even fry it in a skillet, let’s serve it on the salad, well then flavor oil with it to serve with a pasta, but conventionally we crush it.

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Now when you crush it, I have to bring it here, because remember this is a French chef knife, this on a return to clear up my finger. If I use it horizontally, I have to clear up the table here. If I put it there, you go down and forward. And now you crush that releases all of the essential oil. Stay on them. So this is now – it’s really crucial, I can feel it’s sticky. It’s too essential oil to get together. And now, we can finish cutting it just by routing it this way. I will clean up my knife on the table. Again that will be like a puree of garlic, very potent. This is garlic.

Jacques Pepin How To Chop Garlic

Jacques Pepin How To Chop Garlic


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