Jack Layton – Daughter Sarah Campbell Eulogy


Jack Layton’s Daughter Sarah Campbell Eulogy

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[Jack Layton’s Daughter Sarah Campbell Eulogy]

[John Gilbert “Jack” Layton, (July 18, 1950 August 22, 2011)]

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I’d like to start by thanking all of our family and my fathers dearest friends including our mom Sally for standing by us especially these last few weeks. I love that we are honoring my father here in Roy Thomson Hall. This is where our family sang and rejoiced on so many Christmas Eves. Year after year, we’d come for the Metropolitan Toronto community church holiday celebration. The music, the energy, the values it was all very special to him. This is exactly the kind of celebration he wanted us to have here today. A celebration of life.

[Sarah Campbell]
My dad lived his life to the fullest. As kids we basically grew up at cultural celebrations, political rallies and community meetings. There was always so much on the go. Dad would never turn away a neighbor, a constituent, or anyone with an idea or a problem. All my life, people have asked how Mike and I could cope with all of that. What they didn’t know was that he was even more generous with us. With his time, with his attention, with his love.

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In high school, I can’t tell you how many all-nighters I pulled to finish assignments or how many times my dad would join me at the computer at 4AM., hours before his first meeting, to help me get through the last stretch. In these past two years, even with his mythically impossible schedule, he always found time to swing by to take his grand daughter Beatrice on long walks. How he managed all of this and still spend an hour at the gym each day, I will never know. But somehow he always made time for what mattered daily calls to his mother, a hug, a listening ear. The busiest man in the world would always make time for what mattered most.

[Sarah Campbell]
Dad, you did things that embarrassed us as kids. Whistling while you walked or biked down the street. Playing your saxophone on Yonge St. badly when the Jays won the World Series. Your fashion sense in those early years. (applause) Big oil and big gas, I could go on. These are precious memories now of the passionate person I feel privileged to call my dad.

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On election night 2008, you left the victory party crying. Honest tears of joy. Not because you’d won more New Democrat seats, but because as you were leaving, Hugh and I called you Grandpa Jack for the very first time. It was our way of telling you we were expecting your first grandchild. You were equally elated to know that another one is on the way.

[Sarah Campbell]
You’ve been a city Councillor, the deputy mayor of Toronto, the honorable member for Toronto-Danforth, the leader of her majesty’s loyal opposition. (applause) But most of all, I will remember you as Grandpa Jack. Fun-loving, smiling with all the time in the world, having a tea party on the floor with Beatrice. We all know you were wrapped around her little finger just as tightly as we’re wrapped around yours today.

Dad, we love you. (applause)

And Olivia, our dad’s soul mate, we love you, too. (applause) You’ve been a rock for us for so many years, even more than ever this week. Your dignity is truly an inspiration. Dad would be so proud.

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Thank you. Merci. (inaudible)

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