Introducing PlayStation Flow – April Fools Video


Introducing PlayStation Flow – April Fools Video

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[Introducing PlayStation Flow – April Fools Video]

Introducing Our Latest Innovation
PlayStation Flow

Ariel Inganarre – PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology Group (PWET) Source:

PlayStation really leads the way with innovative ideas and technology. Here at the wearables division, we’re working on ways of bringing the PlayStation experience to all areas of your life, building on the recent success of remote play and share play and not to mention project Morpheus. We’re about to take gaming to a deeper level.


Underwater environments in games like, The Last of Us Remastered, are more realistic than ever, to enhance the gameplay experience we’ve developed an advanced new wearable technology, PlayStation Flow. We’ve created a new frontier for gameplay. So we’re taking gaming out of the living room and into the swimming pool.

The sensors fit on your thighs and biceps, they’re packed with technology that captures your every movement and sends real-time updates to your PS4 with game footage streaming directly to your PlayStation Flow goggles.

When you get to a swimming environment in your game simply pause the game, sync your PlayStation Flow goggles and grab your Flow sensors then head to your nearest swimming pool and dive right back into the action. Your movement controls your game character and with the waterproof earphones, you get a totally immersive experience.

Vanessa Dory Triathlete

PlayStation have really taken the plunge — they’ve thrown themselves into the deep end with the Flow. We’re entering new levels where immersion meets submersion, I call it ‘supermersion’.

Anthony Kaye Personal Trainer Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Oh my god, this is amazing!

We also wanted to make sure, if you get back to playing the game on your PS4 as quickly as possible. We’ve developed an incredible new way to dry yourself, it’s a massively forward, the PlayStation Flow Body Dryer. It will dry you in seconds. We’re really excited about PlayStation Flow. Its potential to breakthrough traditional gaming barriers is immense. You don’t even have to be in a pool to experience it.

PlayStation Flow, one serious piece of technology.

Introducing PlayStation Flow - April Fools Video

Introducing PlayStation Flow – April Fools Video

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