Intel RealSense Dancer Experience Amazing


Intel RealSense Dancer Experience Amazing

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[Intel RealSense Dancer Experience Amazing]

At Mirada… we do a lot of weird things with technology but it’s never, it’s never the story. The technology is the tool that allows us to tell the story.

[Paige Fraser:]
My name is Paige Fraser. I started dancing when I was four years old and from then on I knew that dance was something that I loved to do. Passion, expression, freedom, dance to me is just how I feel.


[Paige Fraser:]
When I was 12, I was told you have a curvature on your spine I just remember that terrifying me because I need that movement and dance was all I knew.

We knew Paige’s story, all the hardships that she’s overcome. And so we wanted to create a story that brings her personal struggle to life but also is very universal.

[Paige Fraser:]
It really is a mind game, you have to tell yourself you’re built differently but you can still do it. I found a chiropractor that worked closely with dancers who had this condition. If it wasn’t for him I would have had surgery.

Paige is always surrounded by lighting, has a RealSense Dancer that’s created entirely of light; together their dance essentially destroys the darkness.

[Paige Fraser:]
What I love so much about this solo. It almost feels like my essence is dancing with me. It’s that little voice inside that I’ve had since I was four that told me, you can do it. You can break through this.

The RealSense technology is the piece. The goal is actually allow the computer to understand what was happening in the dance and reacts to it intelligently on its own.

[Paige Fraser:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
It’s a dance of joy but also a dance of empowerment, I hope that everyone will feel what I feel.

The RealSense sensors are not just cameras and they’re not just depth sensors. It’s a way for a computer to understand the world in a new way, it’s a new pair of eyes.

Intel RealSense Dancer Experience Amazing

Intel RealSense Dancer Experience Amazing

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