In Japan Moving Is More Of An Art


In Japan Moving Is More Of An Art

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[In Japan Moving Is More Of An Art]

Leave it all to the Movers

Today, you’re going to move to another apartment. But what’s this? You haven’t even started packing? And the moving van will be here any moment.

Now we’ll see what makes moving in Japan so special. First, the movers fit protective covers everywhere to prevent damaging your apartment, then they quickly clean all your possessions before starting to pack. This avoids carrying dust and dirt into your next apartment. They use special purpose design materials to package each of your belongings.

These plastic boxes are for breakable items like crockery, each piece fits into its own protective sleeve or partition. They even bring a special box for shoes, so they don’t get crushed in transit.

Cases fitted with hangers are used to avoid creasing coats and jackets.

Your CDs are in carefully sorted racks, the movers pack them just the way they are, so, they’ll be ready to use in your new apartment.

Cardboard boxes are used for large or irregularly shaped items. The great advantage of cardboard is that it’s easily folded and reshaped to ensure an exact fit.

Furniture is wrapped in blankets and special covers to protect it during the move. Before lunch, the entire contents of your apartment are ready, packed, and loaded on to the moving van. To be able to provide a service this detailed, comprehensive and first, moving companies rigorously train their staff.

[Japanese Man:]
We train our people to do far more than simply transport your belongings safely. We understand that your possessions are your life, and our goal is to handle them with the same care and respect that we show to you.

Moving staff are trained in more than strength and skill. They’re taught to provide a service that’s thoughtful and attentive. This consideration is even more clearly seen when they arrive at your destination. To prevent carrying even the slightest dust into your new home, everyone first puts on fresh socks.

Tasks like winching big items to the second floor are done swiftly and precisely with walls and window sills carefully protected from scratches. Specialized equipment can raise large objects to as high as the fifth floor.

Leave the unpacking to the movers too; their job is to handle everything for you. They’ll arrange your furniture and large household items in any layout you specify. Smaller items will be put back exactly on the same shelf as they were in your old apartment. All the cardboard packaging is removed and everything given a final quick clean.

You’ve now moved into your new apartment, and you can simply carry on your life, the way you were the day before. That’s moving house in Japan; fast, polite and considerate, a service that takes care of absolutely everything.

In Japan Moving Is More Of An Art

In Japan Moving Is More Of An Art

In Japan Moving Is More Of An Art. That’s moving house in Japan; fast, polite and considerate. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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