I’m Ronnie Pickering


I’m Ronnie Pickering

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[I’m Ronnie Pickering]


[Ronnie Pickering:] [*horn sound*]
[Moped Rider:] What you want?
[Ronnie Pickering:] [*horn sound*]
[Moped Rider:] What? What? What?
[Moped Rider:] Do what?
[Moped Rider:] I’ll go when the cars have gone.
[Ronnie Pickering:] [*horn sound*]
[Ronnie Pickering:] …you cunt.
[Moped Rider:] What’s your problem?
[Ronnie Pickering:] You, ya cunt.
[Moped Rider:] Why am I?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Fuckin knobhead!
[Moped Rider:] Why am I?
[Ronnie Pickering:] You got a problem? You know who I am? [inaudible]
[Moped Rider:] Why am I a problem? What do you mean I have a problem?
[Ronnie Pickering:] You, you fuckin muppet. There’s no need for that!
[Moped Rider:] What?
[Ronnie Pickering:] You, you cunt!
[Moped Rider:] What?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Fucking hanging about like that.
[Moped Rider:] Hanging about like what? Not in front of cars.
[Moped Rider:] I pulled. I went around you.
[Ronnie Pickering:] You fucking idiot. Fucking idiot.
[Cross Talk]
[Moped Rider:] And you say fucking muppet head.
[Ronnie Pickering:] What’s your problem. Do you want to go?
[Moped Rider:] Yeah?
[Ronnie Pickering:] What’s your problem. Do you want to go? Get your fucking helmet off, then.
[Moped Rider:] You got a problem?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah, with you, yeah.
[Moped Rider:] Yeah, you are.
[Ronnie Pickering:] Get your fucking helmet off, then.
[Moped Rider:] Oh, grow up, you fucking fool. I think you are an old fool.
[Ronnie Pickering:] You know who I am?
[Moped Rider:] Yeah?
[Ronnie Pickering:] D’you know who I am?
[Moped Rider:] Do I what?
[Ronnie Pickering:] D’you know who I am?
[Moped Rider:] Do I care?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Look, well you will when I fucking–when you pull up!
[Moped Rider:] Fine, then, who are you, then?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Ronnie Pickering.
[Moped Rider:] Who?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Ronnie Pickerin’!
[Moped Rider:] Who?
[Ronnie Pickering:] RONNIE PICKERING!!!
[Moped Rider:] Who the fuck’s that?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah, me!
[Moped Rider:] Ohohoh! Wow! Wow! Brilliant!
[Ronnie Pickering:] Fucking find out then!
[Moped Rider:] Well go on, then, fuck off, then!
[Ronnie Pickering:] YOU fuck off!
[Moped Rider:] Fucking “Johnnie Ricker”–eh, someone [to fear [I say that].]
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah!
[Moped Rider:] Fuck’s sake…

[Moped Rider:] What? C’mon, what? What? What?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Let’s have a fucking bare-knuckle, then!
[Moped Rider:] What’s that gonna prove?
[Ronnie Pickering:] You–I’m gonna knock you out!
[Moped Rider:] Why are you? Why are you?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Let’s have a bare-knuckle fight, then!
[Moped Rider:] What would a bare-knuckle fight [unintelligible]?
[Ronnie Pickering:] I’ll fucking show you, then, won’t I, who I am!
[Moped Rider:] Oh, you are??
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yes. Yeah!
[Moped Rider:] What are you on about?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah! Bare-knuckle fight, come on!
[Moped Rider:] What d’you mean, who you are?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Get over there, then!
[Moped Rider:] Wha–What d’you mean, who you are? You said who you are–you’re Ron-fucking-Pickering!
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah, a bare-knuckle fucking fight, yeah, come on!
[Moped Rider:] You said you’re Ron Fickering or something.
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah! Fucking some cunt, you idiot!
[Moped Rider:] I don’t know what you’re on about!
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah! See that? I’ll fucking smash ya, I’m tellin’ ya.
[Moped Rider:] Would you? Why?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah, you!
[Moped Rider:] Why??
[Ronnie Pickering:] ’cause you’re an idiot!
[Moped Rider:] Why am I?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Do you wanna have a fight, or what?
[Moped Rider:] I didn’t say I wanted to fight with you.
[Ronnie Pickering:] Listen, fucking dickhead–don’t fucking cause one, then!
[Moped Rider:] I haven’t caused one!
[Ronnie Pickering:] You want one, well then you’ll have one!
[Moped Rider:] I haven’t caused one!
[Ronnie Pickering:] You just said…
[Moped Rider:] I haven’t caused one, I was just turning the corner, and you was blastin’ your horn like an [idiot]!
[Ronnie Pickering:] Well, whatever you said. I’ll put you in a fucking infirmary, you cunt!
[Moped Rider:] You what?
[Ronnie Pickering:] I’ll put you in an infirmary!
[Moped Rider:] Will ya?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah, [unintelligible]
[Moped Rider:] Yeah…, you’re fucking big and hard!
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah! for you
[Moped Rider:] You agree, are you?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah!
[Moped Rider:] Yeah! Yeah!
[Ronnie Pickering:] Yeah!
[Moped Rider:] Yeah, give yourself a pat on the back, yeah?
[Ronnie Pickering:] I will! I will!
[Moped Rider:] Yeah!
[Ronnie Pickering:] Pull over then!
[Moped Rider:] Well, I’ll show you on YouTube, later on, what you look like, yeah?
[Ronnie Pickering:] Fucking pull over then!
[Moped Rider:] Fuck off…
[Ronnie Pickering:] Fucking knobhead, what, with that little thing?
[Moped Rider:] You what?
[Ronnie Pickering:] What, with that?
[Moped Rider:] Yeah! Put it on YouTube, all right?

I'm Ronnie Pickering

I’m Ronnie Pickering

I’m Ronnie Pickering. D’you know who I am? Do I care? RONNIE PICKERING!!! Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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