If You Want To Be A DJ How It Works


If You Want To Be A DJ How It Works

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[If You Want To Be A DJ How It Works]

turn on high pass filter for dock 2

cue and play track 2

jog wheel to beatmatch track 2

i have spare time b/c i’m not twisting knobs for nothing!!! Let’s use that time to layer a 2nd beat under track 1

raise volume level track 2

fine tune beat match with pitch slider

reduce high pass filter a bit as travel reduced to zero to take 2nd beat back out

turn off filter

wait for awhile…. i really want to touch some knobs though!

i’m really dying to touch some knobs

pleeeeeeaaase can i touch one now?

i’ll just put my hand here in case

that’s it i’m tapping this

adjust trim level for track 2

tap tap tap (there is some purpose to this, you hear the first beat in the headphones)

finally time to mix Level up for track 2

mid and low end EQ reduced so track 2 doesn’t come in too hot

ahhhhh knobs!

level going up slowly, slowly yes i actually need to keep touching this

start to open the EQs back up

start to tune down the EQ on track 1

yes! touching knobs with real purpose!




start to reduce level on track 1

high pass filter out what’s left of track 1

ok, i earned this! now i can dance a bit!!!

quick filter cut

return all levels to neutral position for deck 1

find the next track

isn’t there something i can touch now?

If You Want To Be A DJ How It Works

If You Want To Be A DJ How It Works

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