If Bill Burr Was An NBA Commentator


If Bill Burr Was An NBA Commentator

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[If Bill Burr Was An NBA Commentator]

[William Frederic “Bill” Burr (born June 10, 1968):] Source: LYBIO.net
The Boston Celtics are playing the Chicago Bulls and I got to tell you something, I don’t know the name of one player on the Boston Celtics.

Alright the guy, he’s got the ball. He’s going in towards the painted area there he takes a shot and the white guy, a white guy got it, he kicked it back out to the black guy, the black guy is dribbling, he goes down the lane, up and under and he fucking missed it. The white guy rebounded it for the other team and they blow the whistle, too many white guys on the court Jesus Christ.

Oh, there is a guy with a fucking pony tail, who ripped the arm out of the cavalier guy. He ripped his fucking elbow up. There you go. The black guy behind his back and the guy – the white guy fouls him, because what else he’s going to do, stop him legally?

The white guy walks back to the bench shaking his head as if he is not used to that happening, takes off his Lance Armstrong glasses and sits down on the bench.

And now, a black guy with a high top fade, who’s sort of dread starting, but not really. He goes in for the white guy, white guy shaking his head, knows he’s going – he’s going back to Europe, he knows it. He knows it. He can already taste that fucking Romanian hero, who’s going to be eaten in another fucking month.

[Bill Burr:] Source: LYBIO.net
All right, now another black guy. He’s got the ball over the left hand and the right hand and the black guy would dreads, looking like a cornerback, but he’s playing basketball. Black guy goes to paint, [area] there’s a white guy, he does – ha, he fouls him of course and then acts like he didn’t do anything.

The big white guy with the pony tail, he still has his arms over his head as if he didn’t do it. He wanted to charge, but we know better. I’m sorry. I like college with fucking pro hoops way too long. See here is the replay.

The guy comes in. Yeah, dude you completely fouled him, you fucking dope. You jumped right into it, but my kitchen is a – my kitchen is an Omaj. Oh, Jesus Christ, that guy fell on his fucking ass and he shook it off. Good man, black guy, black guy with the ball, good deal, good deal. This is Celtic. He’s black, he has got the ball. I like this. Don’t pass to the white guy. Don’t pass it to the white guy. Fuck. Get rid of it. And he missed it. He missed it. Of course, he fucking missed it. Of course, he did.

The fuck, I mean – you know what I mean, Jesus, fucking [Christ] right there, right there, right down in the court, yeah. Chicago just scored. Chicago just scored. They don’t have a problem knowing who to pass to. Ha, ha. I’m like literally reverse-racist when I watch hoop.

Another white, give it to the white guy again. Do you know what somehow we’re up by eight though, I’m going to shut the fuck up then maybe my white guys are doing all right. This has to be a second team in there.

All right, the white guy just faked out another white guy and then took his shot at the top of the key, it didn’t go in. Is this like a charity game, I’ve never seen so many white guys out on a fucking court in basketball, it’s just should be in like black and white, you know with them dribbling with their hand on the of the ball dududududu.

So in NBA time, it’s at least 45 minutes, over to the white guy, reverse, lay-up. There you go black guy points at him like finally; you should have like 20 more assists you bearded fuck!

If Bill Burr Was An NBA Commentator

If Bill Burr Was An NBA Commentator

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If Bill Burr Was An NBA Commentator. The Boston Celtics are playing the Chicago Bulls and I got to tell you something, I don’t know the name of one player on the Boston Celtics. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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