How To Make HUGE Gummy Coca Cola Bottle Shape Jelly Dessert Easy DIY Gummy Soda Jello


How To Make HUGE Gummy Coca Cola Bottle Shape Jelly Dessert Easy DIY Gummy Soda Jello

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[How To Make HUGE Gummy Coca Cola Bottle Shape Jelly Dessert Easy DIY Gummy Soda Jello]

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Hey, everyone. AwesomeDisneyToys here and yes we can’t get enough of this jelly soda. I mean, how can you hate this, its super fun to make and it’s quite a yummy treat too.

Last time, we did a half of the jelly cola bottle, so this time we’ll make a full bottle.

Alrighty… let’s pour out the cola into this bowl.

[whistles.. du du du du du …. ]

Ah… nothing like the sweet sound of soda fizz. It sounds like heavy rainfall, and that puts me at ease. Okay, now that the storm is over, we’ll put this aside for now.

Before I use my hands to rip this label off, but it didn’t come out to well sometimes, so I will use this exacto knife to cut out the glue…

Hopefully, it will make a better. We’ll find out.

All right, just peel it off. That is the tricky part right here. Careful…

Oh, that should be good.

Now, I’ll use the exacto knife again to cut a line down the middle of the bottle. I won’t pause the video this time to give you a long warning about using sharp objects. I think I have warned you guys enough. And you guys are awesome fans, so you guys do listen.

Oh righty, that looks pretty good. Now, we don’t want any accidents happening in the fridge. So I will need to use this duct tape to cover up the line. Be sure that really stick on that duct tape. I mean you might get a few leaks, but that’s okay.

We just don’t want any other big leaks. That would be oouuu.., one messy fridge.

Time for the jelly stuff.

We will need 100 milliliters of water, eight packets of the non-flavored gelatin, so much jelly.

Here is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. We’ll give it a nice mix.

Since there isn’t much water, it might be a little hard for you to mix it, best way to do is probably get your spoon all the way down there and start mixing up. Woooo, giving myself a nice wrist workout.

Okay, once we get it to this mash potatoie texture, we could put it in a microwave for about a minute.

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Ough…. It’s this time again. You know the drill, let’s plug our nose and pour the jelly into the cola.

Aha, why is this part out to be so smelly.

Mix, mix, mix.

I guess the smell is worth it though. The end product is amazing.

Almost finished…

Woo…, now that we have got that over with.

Let’s pour the liquid back into the bottle.

You know a funny thought. I realized that you guys are probably not using the refrigerator on your own, so you should tell the people around you that the cola jell you’re making is off limits.

What if they drink it before it turns into jelly, um… I wonder if they’ll start growing a jelly in their tummy, ha…. just kidding, that can’t happen, it has been to be cold for the jelly to be formed.

Okay, now that we filled it up. Let’s put it in the fridge for about an hour.

And… we’re back.

Let’s see how our jelly turned out.

It looks like there was a small little leak, but not a big problem.

We will have to use some scissors to cut open the plastic.

So far so good, there’s no liquids being spilled.

Let me just rip this plastic. I don’t like this part. Bear with me guys.

Woo.. check it out.

Yep, that’s jelly.

Oh… it’s very jelly.

All right, let’s rip open this plastic some more.

Yeah… I almost got the middle off.

If you guys know of an easier way to open up this plastic, just let me know. I think this is the easiest way though cause once you just rip off the middle, you could pull off the bottom and top part, like this – see. Okay. Our jelly is looking good so far.

Let’s just pull this top part off. Cut a little more from the top. All right, careful… woo…

And here is our full Coca Cola gummy bottle.

I actually prefer this over the half bottle. It does feel a little more firm and it’s not as jiggly, but this one looks more like the Coca Cola bottle than the half one.

Now, let’s put the label back on.

I thought the Fanta bottle we did looked pretty real, but this one might actually fool people; well as long as they don’t touch the bottle.

Okay, to make it more real, let’s add-on the bottle cap.

Wow, wait, let’s pause this for a real quick.

I promise you if you show this image to anyone, they will probably say, it’s a Coca Cola bottle.

Wow, we can really trick someone with this one.

I shall do the honor of cutting the first slice.

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Yummyyyy… and it would be rude of me, if I took the first slice. So I will give this big piece to you guys.

Well, I am going to keep slicing this jelly into bite size pieces.

So feel free to watch or… I suggest that you haven’t been following along and making it with me, you should really go and try it, its pretty fun…

And for all your health nuts out there, I mean, if you are a health freak, I don’t know if you’ll be making this… but if you are worried about the calories… whatever the soda bottle is, you just add a 160 calories… because that’s so many calories there in eight packets.

So I guess it’s not that bad. I mean I’d say it’s better than the cake… also it’s pretty affordable too.
All you had to pay for is the soda bottle and the jelly packet.

And just another reminder for those who really like sweet stuff, this isn’t as sweet as the soda, so you might want to add some corn syrup.

Well this is a lot of fun.. Thanks for watching.

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How To Make HUGE Gummy Coca Cola Bottle Shape Jelly Dessert Easy DIY Gummy Soda Jello

How To Make HUGE Gummy Coca Cola Bottle Shape Jelly Dessert Easy DIY Gummy Soda Jello

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