How To Glue In Weave Before And After


How To Glue In Weave Before And After

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[How To Glue In Weave Before And After]

All right moved up, now as you can see girl we have to add more tracks on there, just uh… – you know – get the flow going and I just apply that little bitty, you know, track on that chuti-chut-chut. Now, let’s attach the track to the scalp and you want it to be looking perfect and good. You know what I’m saying, whoo, get it a stick or you fix that, fix that shit.

Now moving on, as you can see I have glue on my scalp, for now I’m just going to apply the track – girl look at that, damn volume, look like a damn glow, make a wish.

So let’s get you some hair.

Now I listen to Whitney Houston, got Whitney in my head yes, honey girl yes.

I got potential – I got real potential honey. You know what, your man like it honey, and all of it.

Don’t like it girl, but!

Anyhow moving on to stage, as you can see my hair is looking a fucking glow ball with some hair or whatever, Venus whatever planet.

Let’s add/scratch color, but she move too fast honey, she didn’t give me time to speak.

Anyway this is the last touch up the hair, that I will be doing and just apply that piece on there.

You will never know, let’s brush those weeds out, let’s cut it, snip it.

Now bitch, oh!

Sexy I am listening to music in my head, feeling myself. Girl yeah, look at those edges, love the cut, love the back. You did that shit bitch.

Okay, girl that is our dirty ass fly you know, you nasty, you clean that shit, all of it girl.

Anyhow so oooo girl, you looking like Halle Berry and shit. J-Low girl yeah… you better work bitch…

How To Glue In Weave Before And After

How To Glue In Weave Before And After

How To Glue In Weave Before And After. As you can see I have glue on my scalp. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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