How Do You Distinguish Americans


How Do You Distinguish Americans

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[How Do You Distinguish Americans]

Distinguish Americans from what like from other people?

[Sw Yoon (Interviewer):] Source:
Yeah, from other people.

Mostly yeah.

Mostly you can distinguish them.


Yes, Yeah

Well, people from the United States

America? Americano.

From accent?

From the accent?

Is the accent?

Maybe accent.

Maybe by an accent

From that accent?

From the accent?

I don’t think we have the accents.

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Other than accents?

So what I’m saying is, all foreigners are Americans.




White, fat…

Well, let’s say they usually have a bit more weight on their hips.

Usually they are sometimes a little bit plump?

Often a bit overweight?

Bigger in sizes.

Some Americans might be a bit larger, you know, not always, but sometimes.

Their appearance is different like Macho and big…

Their bodies have big builds.

Americans have like more muscular face.

I go to gym often; I can see that they have impressive muscular development. Something extra special. A sexy physique ?

Yeah, yeah definitely… hehe

For me, I can differ Americans and Europeans from the accent only other than that they look the same.

I don’t know…

Maybe their behavior, yeah.

They eat a lot of hamburgers, so if you see like a person with McDonalds, he’s probably American.

Yeah, they go to McDonalds, even if they are in Japan. They go to McDonalds very often.

They do, they do.

It’s like they are always eating.

Oh yeah, they are always.

And sometimes they make their friends and they usually smoke and put out the smoke wherever they want.

They do not carry around umbrella when it’s raining. They always carry their bottles, they do? They are stingy. They say they have no money.

For example when we go out with Americans, I think they always want to play drinking games. They really want to – you know, make sure everybody gets really wasted and make sure everybody takes a lot of shots. I think that’s a really American thing.

Maybe by clothes or fashion.

Uh… From the way they dress? They use bigger clothes.

They wear clothes real big.

Yeah, they have loose clothes. Maybe they don’t care too much about what they wear. Sweatpants, big T-shirts, stuff like that.

I don’t know, they wear shorts?

Only jeans and T-shirts.

Less decoration?

I think European fashion is better.

The clothes they wear when they are sleeping. They usually wear it for school or…

They wear what they like. They just don’t care about what people think about it.

As soon as soon as they start talking and stuff, you can really tell.

And they’re mostly in bigger groups; they’re just louder, and… just you know…


They’re a bit loud, as well.

Americans talk too loud.

They can be jolly? Like happy all the time, jumpy, yeah you know.

When you hear someone who is shouting at someone, you can see he’s American.

If they are outgoing, and loud, and confident, I guess they’re Americans.

I think they have a bit more confidence in them?

They’re really outgoing me think, and very confident.

If you talk to American people, they smell like freedom.

You know, so honest, they speak their mind.

I think they are kind. Um…yeah.

They are funny,

Yes, funny.

Americans kind a have that confidence within themselves, so that’s like how they walk around and carry themselves. Like, they kind of own the place.

Since I’m from Norway, we’re not that noisy, we’re not that open, maybe. We don’t go to people and say, ‘hey, what’s up’.

I guess they tend to be positive. They look like pretty satisfied with their lives. That’s what makes them different from British people and Australian people. British tend to be pessimists a little bit, like me.

They think they own the world. Nah…. I don’t know, they act like Americans.

[Sw Yoon (Interviewer):] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
What if say you look like an American?

Oh yeah, well, yeah – its – its kind of… They’re kind of… Yeah, it’s okay. You can call me American.

They’re always chubby, fatty guys. Hello, I’m a racist.

They worry a lot about money and working and I think Costa-Ricans put more emphasis on, you know, having a good, standard living and being more relaxed and enjoying…

Eating-wise, if they’re eating a pizza, American, if they’re drinking a coke, American. That kind of feel?

How Do You Distinguish Americans

How Do You Distinguish Americans

How Do You Distinguish Americans. If you talk to American people, they smell like freedom. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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