HouseholdHacker How To Make The Ultimate Mosquito Repellent


HouseholdHacker How To Make The Ultimate Mosquito Repellent

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[HouseholdHacker How To Make The Ultimate Mosquito Repellent]

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There’s a ton of bogus information floating around about natural mosquito repellents. But today we’ll show you the most effective natural mosquito repellent that you can make in just a few minutes.

The main ingredient of this three-part recipe is lemon eucalyptus oil. We’ll also use vanilla extract and witch hazel.

Start this off by adding 30 drops of lemon eucalyptus oil to a container. It contains an active ingredient called menthoglycol, which in many government studies has proven to be as effective as DEET but without all the nasty dangers that DEET is associated with. Try looking in the natural food section at the grocery store, or check the vitamin aisle. Lemongrass and citronella oil will also repel mosquitoes, but only for about 30 minutes before you need to reapply it.

Just don’t be like Dave. Dave thought that patchouli oil was a good mosquito repellent. Little did he know, it only repelled other human beings?

Vanilla extract is optional but it will help majorly increase the concoctions effectiveness. You want to add about one teaspoon. This also makes the smell much more pleasant. An emulsifier will prevent the oil and water from separating and basically blend them together. We prefer witch hazel, but if you’re in a pinch rubbing alcohol, vodka, even cooking oils will work here. Choose your favorite and use four ounces of whichever you decide on.

Once you’ve added all the ingredients just stir it all very well until you can see everything has been blended with minimal floating bits of oil. The color should usually resemble a very thin gravy, grab a tiny piece of foil and shape it into a small funnel to avoid spillage.

Now you can transfer the mixture to a spray bottle without spilling it everywhere.

I just cleaned out an empty bottle of air freshener and the bottle worked out great. But you can use any type of spray bottle you want; big or small.

Just wait patiently, there show off your ultimate mosquito repellent to all your friends and family. Keep in mind. You should always tell people what’s in it, just in case they have allergies. So that’s all there is to it, a four to six hour natural mosquito spray that’s right up there with big pharma.

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Slowly or anywhere you see access holes or live ants. The boiling water will kill them on contact and wash them away.

HouseholdHacker How To Make The Ultimate Mosquito Repellent

HouseholdHacker How To Make The Ultimate Mosquito Repellent

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